Wireless Medical Mouse – Washable and Wi-Fi

Wireless Medical Mouse – Washable and Wi-Fi

Photo by: Jonathan Francisca / Unsplash

Computers are an increasingly important part of the modern healthcare setting. Nearly all departments in a hospital or medical center use computers to store data and increase efficiency of the service.

However, computer equipment can harbor a hidden menace. Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are commonly harbored on computer keyboards and mice. In fact, more of these germs exist on the average computer keyboard than they do on a toilet seat, making computer keyboards and mice a transmitter of infection.

Hospital acquitted infections are a serious problem. These superbugs, such as MRSA and C. difficile, are often resistant to antibiotics and are responsible for thousands of deaths in hospitals each year.

Controlling these infections is now a prime consideration of healthcare services and severe measures of hygiene control are initiated in many hospitals, such as ensuring staff and visitors use barrier creams and wash hands thoroughly among patients.

A medical keyboard and washable mouse is part of this overall infection control. Keyboards, manufactured from silicone, can be regularly cleaned and provide a surface that is resistant to bacteria.

A computer mouse is an object that is handled frequently. A computer mouse used by several people can transfer infection to dozens and even hundreds of people. A washable or medical mouse will also be manufactured from silicone and can be cleaned easily.

However, a computer mouse has to be practical and in the…

Source by Richard N Williams