Why Do Birds Fly Into Home windows?

A chickadee lands on the ground and grabs a compact bug for a snack. It rapidly will take off only to fly smack dab into your front window. You listen to that awful “thud”.

The good news is this was only a glancing strike. After retreating to a close by tree department to get better, the chickadee regains its wits and flies off in one more direction. This little bird was fortunate. Window collisions consequence in quite a few thousands of bird fatalities each and every 12 months.

Obvious glass is totally invisible to birds. As an alternative, they see reflections of their environment, like trees and sky. Or they obtain a houseplant or shiny objects inside your household pretty fascinating. Fly toward them. If you take a wander close to your household and glance at the reflections in your windows, you'll see them as your birds see them.

Even so, you can decrease or even get rid of this problem by hanging objects both inside or outside the glass window or doorway to crack up those people reflections.

About six several years back I'd the thought to use strips of vinyl adhesive paper (brand name name &#39Contact&#39) organized in a diagonal sample, to stop my wild birds from banging into our windows.

1st, I produced sure the glass was cleanse and free of charge of any grease that might stop adhesion. I chose a light-weight-coloured wooden grain style vinyl adhesive paper, which I observed in the area massive box discount store. I then measured the window diagonally from corner to corner. Cut my first strip that size, in addition three inches to let for waste. There is a grid on the paper…