TRICARE Vs Obamacare, Our Veterans Suffer

TRICARE Vs Obamacare, Our Veterans Suffer

Photo by: Anthony Menecola / Unsplash

Currently, the active military, National Guard and Reserve members, military retirees, their families, survivors and certain former spouses receive their health care from TRICARE. On the TRICARE website, the program is described as follows: TRICARE brings together health care resources of the uniformed services and supplements them with networks of civilian health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide access to high-quality health care services while maintaining the capability to support military operations. Under the eligibility requirements, it states TRICARE serves approximately 9.6 million beneficiaries worldwide. To be eligible for TRICARE, one must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

I’ve treated many patients from the military that have TRICARE. They have always expressed a general satisfaction with this health insurance program. And, from the perspective of a practicing physician, unlike so many of our health plans, especially one of our abject governmental failures, Medicaid, TRICARE actually reimbursed doctors at a fair and reasonable rate. To the concern of most of our armed forces and their families, and the attending physicians this is all about to change.

Recently, the current administration unveiled their intentions of forcing active duty service members and veterans off of TRICARE, and into the state-run healthcare exchanges being established by each individual state as required by the Patient…

Source by Dr Kipp A Van Camp