The Chastity Cage – And Why Your Man Will Beg to Wear One

A chastity cage is something many, many men will beg to wear for their wives and girlfriends…. Then beg them to take the key, leaving them unable to orgasm with you, by themselves or with another…. Unless…. Until…. Only IF you ever…. Give your permission.

But what's a…

Chastity Cage

Chastity cages are typically exactly the name suggests: a more-or-less penis-shaped cage, made form plastic or metal, that completely encloses his penis so he can’t stimulate it enough to have an orgasm. Unlike a chastity belt, a cage is usually held in place by a ring that goes around the scrotum and base of the penis behind the testicles themselves.

Yes, it sounds awful but I've it on good authority they can be very comfortable and can be worn 24/7. And I trust my source…. Because…. It’s my husband. He’s locked 24/7 and is in the process of enduring a whole year of strict orgasm denial while locked in his chastity cage (he's consented to this and is perfectly happy with the arrangement).

But why? What makes a man want to give up such an essential part of his sexuality to you?

Well, contrary to popular belief your man doesn't have to be strange or submissive to want to wear a chastity cage for you. The reasons are complex and come down partly to biology (the repeated tease and denial and the long-term wanting to come are the closest he’s ever going to get to a multiple orgasm). Partly to psychology (there’s a thrill in power-exchange for many men…. For many of us women, too, once we realise it’s just harmless fun and nothing to be afraid of).

You’ll find your man wearing a chastity cage will make him more loving and communicative. More willing to help around the house. And he’ll do this not because he’s necessarily feeling submissive. Because his feelings will make him close to you. People who are close like to do nice things for each other, don’t they?

The bottom line is men love to wear a chastity cage. Any man who's wearing one is doing so only because he wants to. The stories you read about men being ‘forced’. To wear then are just that –. Stories.

And if you’re looking for reliable, serious and genuine information about male chastity cages and you're SICK and TIRED of the nonsense and bare-faced LIES people tell about being ‘forced’. To do it, then it makes sense to listen to someone who’s living the lifestyle 24/7, doesn’t it?