The Beauty of Collaboration In Healthcare: Juliane Zielonka at TEDxBarcelonaChange

Juliane Zielonka — Founder and managing director of, Berlin

Juliane founded a platform which empowers over 20 million women in German speaking countries with health knowledge, shortens their journey to find the right physician and opens easy access to comprehensive care centers. Juliane Zielonka studied Psychology, English and German language.

She has a professional training in Graphic Design with focus on new media and holds a diploma in Marketing and Communications. She combines 18 years of profound knowledge in online-communication, social media, content production (editorial and PR side) and is very well experienced in global corporate branding and the transformation of strategy into measurable operations.

In 2010 she experienced intense stakeholder conflicts within the German healthcare system. She identified major problems and using her skills she crafted a solution. To bring her vision of innovative female healthcare to life, she founded a publishing and media services company called “Die Artverwandten”. The social entrepreneur is a Berlin based technology enthusiast, believes in the Cluetrain Manifesto and thinks that books will turn into “living documents”: facilitating network rooms that connect the ones belonging together.

Being a member of the health 2.0 Berlin steering committee, she fosters the spirit of people-centered healthcare by organising events and connecting healthcare stakeholders. tedx barcelona change

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