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The Health System of Taiwan: HCT Healthcare of Many Nations

Every once in a while, we like to take a moment and focus on health systems around the world. Today, we’re looking at Taiwan, which made the transition to a single payer system kind of suddenly, and pretty recently.

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Cyanide & Happiness Compilations “Healthcare” REACTION!!

In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Cyanide & Happiness Compilations – Healthcare and the one with the serial killer furniture guy is so ridiculous lmao
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Cyanide & Happiness Compilations – Healthcare

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Doctors, Dentists, and Therapists oh my! Enjoy this compilation of medical malpractice!

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

The Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
No Brainer
The Prosthetic
Lab Results
Critical Condition

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Switzerland’s Healthcare Explained!

Switzerland! It’s a gorgeous alpine nation of 8 million people. It’s a parliamentary republic made up of 26 cantons. I’ve never been, but I hear great things about it. The country should free to fly us over so we can learn even more. But what I do know about its healthcare system, I’ll be telling you in this episode of Healthcare Triage.
Those of you who want to read more and see references can go here:

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen — Graphics

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Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

In which John discusses the complicated reasons why the United States spends so much more on health care than any other country in the world, and along the way reveals some surprising information, including that Americans spend more of their tax dollars on public health care than people in Canada, the UK, or Australia. Who’s at fault? Insurance companies? Drug companies? Malpractice lawyers? Hospitals? Or is it more complicated than a simple blame game? (Hint: It’s that one.)

For a much more thorough examination of health care expenses in America, I recommend this series at The Incidental Economist:
The Commonwealth Fund’s Study of Health Care Prices in the US:
Some of the stats in this video also come from this New York Times story:

This is the first part in what will be a periodic series on health care costs and reforms leading up to the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, in 2014.

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Therapy Is the Greatest Way of Using Care of Ourselves

Therapy Is the Greatest Way of Using Care of Ourselves


Therapy is a time the place we are not using care of everyone else. We are using care of ourselves, offering us the gift and opportunity to concentration on us. What we imagine, what we feel, what we want, what we want. Just like a therapeutic massage is a way of using care of, and calming our entire body, therapy is a way of using care of our psychological entire body and massaging our souls.

A Present We Give Ourselves

So quite a few of us turn to therapy to assistance us locate a way of balancing job, career, personal associations, family and self. Some of us turn to therapy to get assistance with much more correctly managing our stress. Others find therapy to assistance build better interaction capabilities within a romantic relationship with our partner. Some of us want to become better mom and dad and locate that therapy is an arena to share irritation and build enhanced parenting capabilities. Some of us find therapy for the reason that we are going by means of a lifetime transition and want to locate a smoother way to go by means of it and examine attainable new avenues. Some of us feel that there is certainly something lacking inside of even though our lives externally surface to be performing and we want to discover what that is to are living a much more fulfilled lifetime.

Everyone Desires Assistance Often

For quite a few of us inquiring for assistance feels tricky, and from time to time impossible. If inquiring for assistance from a beloved one and from mates seems tricky, then it is no ponder that inquiring for assistance from a psychotherapist, or few counselor feels complicated. We are living in a lifestyle that overtly, or covertly, states that independence…


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Piles Remedy, Relief, And Avoidance

Piles Remedy, Relief, And Avoidance


Are you now struggling from a bout with piles, also recognized as hemorrhoids? You are not alone. Not by a very long shot. In actuality, piles pay a visit to practically all people more than when for the duration of their lifetime. The very good information is that there are quite a few solutions for piles offered that will assistance to speedily relieve the acute signs and symptoms. The wonderful information is that there is therapy offered that will not only alleviate the recent signs and symptoms but will also avert piles from happening once more in the potential.

Let us offer with your instant want to start with: finding rid of the burning, itching, and pain that’s driving you insane suitable now. The absolute swiftest way to get some relief is to go to your nearby drug retailer and decide up a topical piles/hemorrhoid therapy. There are quite a few types of medicine to decide on from such as ointment, product, suppositories, pads, and sprays. One particular of the most common is Preparation H product. Put a modest dab of that straight on the infected tissue and usually within just fifteen minutes you will commence to get some evaluate of relief. If you have a hard time bodily achieving that region or are a minimal squeamish about touching that area, a very good choice is a medicated spray.

Any of these solutions ought to have you sensation better rather speedily and ready to refocus on your day by day routines. You will nevertheless have to preserve reapplying the medicine numerous moments a day until finally your piles clear up. If this is your to start with encounter with piles or you go through from them a lot less than when a year, this approach of therapy may perhaps be all that is warranted.

Even so, if you have numerous episodes of piles yearly or encounter specially extreme signs and symptoms, then Avoidance ought to be your goal. Piles are not inescapable. You require not at any time go through from them once more. The irony is that as opposed to quite a few maladies currently (these types of as the flu), piles can not be prevented by a tablet, a vaccine, or a medicine.

The only tested way to avoid piles in the potential is by way of Purely natural therapy. Just a several modest but unique improvements to your food plan and life-style, along with a couple of pleasant herbs will preserve you pile-cost-free for existence.


Source by Ching Lou

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