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Deploying Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

This webinar will focus on the technical and practical aspects of creating and deploying predictive analytics. We have seen an emerging need for predictive analytics across clinical, operational, and financial domains. One pitfall we’ve seen with predictive analytics is that while many people with access to free tools can develop predictive models, many organizations fail to provide a sufficient infrastructure in which the models are deployed in a consistent, reliable way and truly embedded into the analytics environment. We will survey techniques that are used to get better predictions at scale. This webinar won’t be an intense mathematical treatment of the latest predictive algorithms, but will rather be a guide for organizations that want to embed predictive analytics into their technical and operational workflows.

Topics will include:

Reducing the time it takes to develop a model
Automating model training and retraining
Feature engineering
Deploying the model in the analytics environment
Deploying the model in the clinical environment

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CitiusTech Listed among the Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2017 | Business Wire

CitiusTech Listed among the Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2017 | Business Wire


a leading provider of healthcare technology services and solutions,

today announced that it has been featured in the prestigious 2017

Healthcare Informatics 100 list for the second consecutive year.

Healthcare Informatics annually ranks top healthcare technology

companies with the highest revenues derived from healthcare IT products

and services earned in the U.S. CitiusTech is honored to have joined the

elite list of organizations recognized by Healthcare Informatics.

CitiusTech has continued to exhibit a strong revenue growth over the

last five years, and in 2016, achieved revenues of $112 million.

CitiusTech’s net promoter score (NPS) of 67 percent – the highest in the

industry – is a testament to its commitment to help organizations

achieve their desired outcomes.

“As healthcare innovation accelerates, organizations need strong

partners to help them drive business performance using the right mix of

technology and healthcare expertise,” said Rizwan Koita, Chief Executive

Officer, CitiusTech. “I am pleased CitiusTech’s strong client

partnership model and high NPS scores have enabled us to maintain our

growth momentum. We are proud to be recognized in HCI 100 ranking for

the second year in a row.”

CitiusTech leverages the power of emerging technologies like big data,

mobile, predictive analytics and cloud computing to help organizations

solve complex business challenges, improve quality of care and

accelerate innovation.

About CitiusTech

CitiusTech (

is a provider of healthcare technology services and solutions to medical

technology companies, providers, payers and life sciences organizations,

with over 2,700 professionals worldwide. CitiusTech’s services and

solutions include healthcare software development, healthcare

interoperability, regulatory compliance, BI/analytics, consumer

engagement, care coordination and population health management.

CitiusTech helps customers accelerate innovation in healthcare through

number of solutions and accelerators for clinical quality reporting,

healthcare big data, cloud computing, mobile health and predictive

analytics. With cutting-edge technology expertise, world-class service

quality and a global resource base, CitiusTech consistently delivers

best-in-class solutions at an unmatched cost advantage to healthcare

clients worldwide.

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Humber River Hospital and GE Healthcare Building First Hospital Command Centre for Quality Healthcare in Canada | Business Wire

Humber River Hospital and GE Healthcare Building First Hospital Command Centre for Quality Healthcare in Canada | Business Wire

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Humber River Hospital is underway with building a state-of-the-art,

digitally-advanced “Command Centre” that uses complex algorithms,

predictive analytics and cutting-edge engineering to target improved

clinical, operational and patient outcomes. Designed and built with GE

Healthcare Partners, the centre will open end of 2017 to help enable the

hospital to meet its objective of safe, high-quality and efficient

patient care delivery.

The heart of the 4,500 square-foot Command Centre is a GE Wall of

Analytics that processes real-time data from multiple source systems

across the hospital. The system applies advanced and predictive

analytics and provides a continuous “read out” alerting staff to

everything from delayed patient care activity, unbalanced physician and

staff workload and unusual situations that may correlate to increased

risk of patient harm. This information provides real-time decision

support so staff can prioritize patient care activities and discharges,

make short-term staffing decisions and mitigate potential bottlenecks

before they occur.

Command Centre staff will impact day to day performance through several

dozen Interactions, Procedures and Operating Mechanisms that have been

thoughtfully designed in conjunction with front line caregivers, support

staff, physicians and executives.

“The Command Centre is being built to improve the patient experience,

enable caregivers to spend more time with patients and less time

organizing care and enable staff to make care decisions easier and

faster,” said Barb Collins, president and CEO of Humber River Hospital.

“We want to continue investing in the latest technologies and smart

hospital solutions to provide the best clinical solutions and hospital

experience to our community.”

The Command Centre will be funded through ongoing business investment,

private donations and efficiency savings since Humber River Hospital

expects to be able to care for more patients for the same or less cost.

“This is the first command centre of its type in Canada,” said John

Flannery, president and CEO of GE Healthcare. “Using real-time data and

analytics will help clinicians and administrators make more informed

decisions for a better patient experience and deliver improved clinical

and operational outcomes.”

Humber River Hospital is already recognized as the first fully-digital

hospital in North America and the Command Centre is a continuation of

their digital journey toward becoming a high reliability hospital.

“The Humber River Hospital Command Centre features several ‘firsts’

including the ability to identify delayed care delivery activities that

could impact patient outcomes and length of stay,” said Andrew Day,

principal of GE Healthcare Partners.

“The air traffic control concept was actually envisioned with GE

Healthcare well in advance of the opening of our new hospital in 2015

and now it is becoming a reality,” explained Peter Bak, CIO, Humber

River Hospital. “The Command Centre perfectly combines our clinical

expertise, advanced digital infrastructure and culture of continuous

improvement with GE Healthcare’s advanced analytics, technical

capability and deep understanding of hospital workflows to create an

exciting and transformational system for our patients, clinicians, staff

and the wider community.”

About Humber River Hospital

Humber River Hospital is one of Canada’s largest acute care hospitals,

serving a catchment area of more than 850,000 people in the northwest

Greater Toronto Area. North America’s first fully digital hospital, it

is located at Keele Street and Highway 401 in northwest Toronto. With a

capacity of 656 acute inpatient beds, including 48 critical care beds,

the hospital has 3,400 staff, approximately 600 physicians with

privileges, and over 1,000 volunteers. The hospital has formal

affiliations with the University of Toronto and Queen’s University

Medical Schools. A number of Humber River’s programs and services have

been, and remain, recognized provincially, nationally and

internationally. Learn more about Humber River Hospital online at

or follow us on Twitter at @HRHospital.

About GE Healthcare Partners

As the management consulting arm of GE Healthcare, Partners is a diverse

team of consultants with a passion to help leading organizations manage

the interdependencies between cost, quality and access. As an activation

partner for clients, Partners collaborates to design strategy, formulate

improvements and achieve measurable results and outcomes – implemented

to change the way care is delivered. Working side by side with clients,

Partners brings together advisory services, advanced analytics, and a

world-renowned approach to individual and group change acceleration. By

thoroughly transferring critical tools and methods, Partners enables

clients to preserve and advance improvements in the long-term.

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