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Does More Social Spending Reduce Healthcare Costs?

We spend a lot of money on social programs. Studies indicate that a lot of those programs work to improve health outcomes for people who receive the benefits. So, does that social spending reduce healthcare costs? Not really. But cutting social spending doesn’t help with health. As usual, it’s complicated, but there’s a lot of evidence these programs are doing good. Spending is worth it sometimes.

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Health Care in Canada — April 5, 2019 | Outburst

This week Outburst explores the challenges in Canada’s health care system. We visit Sydney, Nova Scotia and hear from residents about the problems they face on Cape Breton. MP Pam Damoff, parliamentary secretary for the Minister of Health, answers questions from Canadians about health care. We also hear from Samuel Breau, a mental health advocate who shares the story of how he handles his own mental health struggles.

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Why Can’t America Have a Grown-Up Healthcare Conversation?

In which John discusses the tradeoffs involved in health care reform, and why the 70% of Americans who are happy with their personal health care make it difficult to achieve more than incremental changes in the very expensive, very inefficient health care system in the United States. SOURCES:

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Only 32% of Americans think our healthcare system is good or excellent, but 69% are happy with their personal health care:

Over at the incidental economist, Aaron Carroll and Austin Frakt have written a LOT about the quality of U.S. healthcare outcomes compared to other countries. Intros here: and here:

The Kaiser Foundation has up-to-date stats on where people get their health insurance–the ACA exchanges get coverage to about 6% of people, 49% of people get coverage through their employers (or their family’s employer), 20% through Medicaid, 14% through Medicare, and 9% are uninfured:,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D

Healthcare costs in the U.S. are very, very high compared to every other wealthy country, and have been for decades:

A Medicare-for-All program would lead to lower overall healthcare costs in the U.S., but also a lot of job loss (possibly as many as two million):

Even modest reductions in health insurance subsidies–like those proposed in the GOP repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act–would lead to tens of millions of people losing insurance coverage:

Other topics discussed include the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the relative modesty of Obamacare as a health care reform, and the benefits and tradeoffs of Bernie Sanders’ proposed single payer healthcare system, Medicare for All.

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Changing Healthcare, One Story at a Time: Taking Sepsis Awareness to the Maryland General Assembly

Watch as MedStar Institute for Quality & Safety Center for Healthcare Narratives presents a visual case study of how our healthcare stories and narratives can influence lasting change across the country. Viewers are reacquainted with Cheryl Douglass, a sepsis survivor who needlessly lost four limbs to the disease, and her husband Paul who once again team up with Jeanne DeCosmo, director of Clinical Quality, to raise awareness on the disease that still takes hundreds of thousands of lives each year. They find themselves in the office of Pegeen Townsend, MedStar’s vice president of Government Affairs, who recognizes the power in their story and takes the first video version of their story to the Maryland General Assembly. The rest is history, and you can watch the video to find out how the Douglass’ story continues to leave a lasting impact in sepsis and in healthcare across Maryland and the country.

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Don Berwick Talks Politics and Health Care

IHI’s Don Berwick explains why he believes that being a political bystander is not a neutral position when it comes to health care.

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What Pet Insurance Will Profit You With

What Pet Insurance Will Profit You With


Animals are cherished by folks, but we however need to get treatment of them. Rarely does pet insurance plan arise when folks are talking about the crucial subject of insurance plan. Many of the folks frequently associate guidelines to daily life, wellness, automobile or house insurance plan. Even so, for individuals who individual animals, and specifically canine or cats, it is a wonderful plan for them to seriously contemplate it for their beloved animals. There are a lot of benefits created from getting a policy for your pet, including:

· The insurance plan policy is relatively inexpensive

Pet insurance plan is low-cost and effortless to get hold of. This is just one of the reasons why pet owners find it enticing. Nonetheless, diverse corporations demand diverse prices. Additionally, the price is mainly predicated on a lot of other aspects these kinds of as the coverage benefits, size of the policy, the insurance plan firm’s issuing policy and the diverse deductibles, and so forth. In spite of these aspects, the packages are inexpensive, price economical and effortless to find. When you engage intelligent obtaining techniques and some analysis you will be in a placement to find the ideal policy. If you contemplate the strategy of comparing insurance plan, you will be capable to find an low-cost insurance plan that aids you to increase on price efficiency.

· Quick procedure of acceptance

It is effortless for any pet to obtain the policy that is pretty crucial for the pet proprietor and the pet. It is feasible the pet could be healthful and appears lively for now. Even so, as time passes and it ages, wellness problems…


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