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Violence Against Healthcare Workers, Explained | Incident Report 189

There are many causes for the current epidemic of violence against healthcare professionals, but some are less obvious than others. A live discussion. #silentnomore

Violence Against Healthcare Workers, Explained

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Canada’s Healthcare System Explained!

Last week we discussed the United States health care system. This week we discuss Canada’s. We also take some time to bust some myths about their single payer health care system. Fight about it in the comments below.

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References for a lot of the “myths” about Canada can be found here:
Aaron’s series on quality is here:
Canadian wait time data is here:

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen – Graphics

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NDP crying wolf on health-care privatization, says Ontario health minister | Power & Politics

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott says the Ontario NDP is “crying wolf” when they warn the Ford government wants to privatize health care in the province.
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Meet Suki, The Siri For Healthcare | Incident Report 217

What if we had an invisible, Alexa-like assistant that functioned like a medical intern, doing the scut and freeing us to be present for our patients? Punit Soni, founder and CEO of Suki, is building exactly that.

In this episode we discuss how technology can actually enable the human relationship that’s been lost in healthcare. We talk about the challenges and opportunities of having a voice-activated AI that empowers rather than obstructs. Would you let it into your exam room? After talking to Punit and seeing the demo, I have little doubt that the future of Health 3.0 is gonna be bright (with only a 30% risk of robot apocalypse).

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Health care in danger: The human cost

The law says hospitals, ambulances and health-care workers must be protected and should never be targeted as they carry out their regular duties. This is often far from the reality. Worldwide, the lack of safe access to health care is causing untold suffering to millions of people.

Through the voices of doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and patients, this film shows the human cost of violence against health-care workers and facilities. It also highlights how medical, military and humanitarian organisations are coming together to find new approaches and new solutions.

“One of the first victims of war is the health-care system itself.” Marco Baldan, War Surgeon, ICRC

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U.S. Health Care: Providers and Professionals

This lecture is part of the U.S. Health Care Lecture Series by Monika Wahi ( See blog post and download slides here:

NURSES! Feel burned out? Please take our survey!

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Emerging Tendencies In Nursing Work opportunities

Emerging Tendencies In Nursing Work opportunities

Photo by: Jackson Hendry / Unsplash


The nursing job has witnessed tremendous modifications in the previous five decades. In this continuing shifting environment, it is essential to study the trends in nursing careers in order to identify a prosperous profession route.
Today the demand for Registered Nurses or RNs has improved considerably, simply because of two aspects. To begin with, relatively a lot less contemporary enrolment down the yrs considering the fact that the change of the century alongside with retirements of extant RNs has led to a lack of skilled nurses. Next, there is an improve in a nurse&#39s array of functionality, with increase in the selection of the elderly thanks to improved healthcare units and the introduction of group-centered preventive projects.

In accordance to the Federal Bureau of Health and fitness professions, “In 2000, the national provide of FTE registered nurses was estimated at one.89 million, even though the demand was projected at two million, a lack of one hundred ten,000, or 6 % centered on what is regarded about trends in the provide of RNs and their predicted demand, the lack is anticipated to mature relatively little by little until eventually 2010, by which time it will have arrived at twelve % “. – chart1

It is plainly a time for all those fascinated in healthcare professions to join nursing, and all those by now doing work as skilled nurses to contemplate specialization. Spend hikes in the nursing industry in the latest yrs are a great incentive, while the selection of nurses existing is continue to limited of that in demand….


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