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Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Epilepsy happens when a person experiences sudden, reoccurring seizures. If your child has epilepsy, you’re not alone. It is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system and affects people of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. Unlike adults, children and adolescents with seizure disorders undergo treatment during critical stages of their development. A person who has two or more seizures is considered to have epilepsy. There are many possible causes of epilepsy, including tumors, strokes, and brain damage from illness or injury. In many cases, there might be no detectable cause for epilepsy. Visit for more information about Children’s Epilepsy Center.

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Vinod Khosla on the Future of Healthcare: 20% Doctor Included – Exponential Medicine

The Evolution from the Practice of Medicine to the Science of Medicine: Vinod Khosla is a famed investor and technologist (co-founder of Sun Microsystems) and as the founder of Khosla Ventures has funded many disruptive healthcare companies.

In this provocative talk at Exponential Medicine 2018 Vinod describes his vision for emerging shifts in healthcare, including how data science will lead to new insights mediated by mobile monitoring, AI and computer vision, that will lead to better differentiating diseases and therapy… and the increasing utility of bionic assistants for patients and clinicians where 80% of the diagnosis, prescription, monitoring doctors do today will be replaced by machines, while amplifying the human elements of care.

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Exponential Medicine (xMed) is a unique gathering of leading innovators from across the healthcare and technology spectrum where we explore the cutting edge and re-imagine the future of health and medicine.

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The Truth About Canadian Health Care

America’s great health care debate. Shining the spotlight on the Canadian system: The realities and the myths. Blame Canada. Why are Americans so afraid of Canadian-style healthcare? Keeping the cross-border relationship … healthy.

Guests:Dr. Anne Doig, Dr. Danielle Martin, Ted Marmor, Richard K. Baker

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YES Finds a Way – MU Health Care – Super Bowl Commercial

At University of Missouri Health, YES is how we live and work every single day. YES finds a way! To learn more go to

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DJI – Delivering the Future of Healthcare

Traditional methods of delivering medicine to rural communities have not been considered the most efficient solutions. Patients in smaller areas of the Dominican Republic, for example, would often go weeks without receiving the care they needed, increasing mortality rates. A reliable and cost-efficient solution became necessary. Thankfully, drone technology would answer the call. Watch how powerful equipment like the Matrice 600, and a strong collaboration between the local medical staff, Ministry of Health, and the Drone Innovation Center, has led to increased efficiency during important medical deliveries.

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How AI and Voice Technology Will Transform Healthcare | Teri Fisher | TEDxSanJuanIsland

Artificial Intelligence and voice technology (i.e. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and others) are going to completely disrupt the way we experience healthcare. Voice is the most seamless form of communication because it is natural, efficient, and convenient. Infants are born using their voices to tell us when they are hungry. Human beings can speak faster than we can type or text. And, we have the ability to speak and multitask at the same time. Simply, we are entering the era of ambient computing: artificial intelligent voice-first devices in our surroundings ready to carry out our commands through the most natural interface known to us – our speech. Dr. Teri Fisher is a Sport & Exercise Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He has a particular interest in e-health innovation and the intersection of voice technology and healthcare. He is the Founder and host of “Voice First Health”, a website and podcast that highlights the rapidly expanding intersection of Healthcare and Voice-First technologies.

Dr. Fisher is also the founder of Alexa in Canada, the leading Amazon Alexa resource for Canadians; and Briefcast.FM, the premier Flash Briefing network. He is the host of the weekly “Alexa in Canada” Podcast and the daily “Voice in Canada” Flash Briefing, the #1 rated Amazon Alexa Briefing and News Skill in Canada, where he helps to facilitate voice-first technology literacy and helps others to discover how artificial intelligence and voice-first technology is revolutionizing our lives.

Dr. Fisher holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University, and Bachelor of Education, Master of Science, and Medical Doctor degrees from UBC. When he’s not conversing with his AI smart speakers, he can be found trying to keep up with his active wife and coaching his two children on the ice rink or baseball diamond. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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10 IHI Innovations to Improve Health and Health Care

This publication highlights 10 ideas that have reshaped how and what IHI has committed itself to over the years. Within this document, you will find reflections on the Triple Aim, the concept of a health care Campaign, the Breakthrough Series Collaborative model, and other frameworks and fresh thinking that have been replicated around the world.

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Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Program

Health care administration is a broad-based discipline that provides students with a unique opportunity to help improve the lives of individuals, communities, or entire populations. Health care executives have a deep sense of social mission and demonstrate compassion for the people they work with and serve.

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Healthcare access for transgender patients

A recent study showed a majority of physicians are willing to provide care to transgender patients, but that they just don’t know how. Dr. Corinne Heinen is the physician lead for UW Medicine’s Transgender and Gender Non-Binary program, which aims to address the healthcare disparities for this community by creating a patient-centered and gender-affirming environment.

For more stories from the UW Medicine Newsroom, please visit

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Job Roles For Hospital Administrator – Front desk,Healthcare,Facility practices

Job Roles For Hospital Administrator: Know more about job roles and responsibility in hospital,clinical units. Coming to Hospital Administrator opportunities for freshers in India,Visit for detailed information,Job Opportunities,Education details of Hospital Administrator.
A hospital administrator needs to have good business acumen and organizational abilities to coordinate with various departments of a hospital, recruit staff and also delegate responsibilities. This is a challenging job which would require an individual to handle multiple tasks and manage various departments in the hospital. You, as an administrator have to set clear goals and objectives for all the staff in the hospital. Your interpersonal skills, mentoring, and supervising abilities must be exceptional. Hospitals are high stress environments. You must have the ability to work under pressure and be able to handle all management conflicts and challenges effectively.
Basic requirement for this position
Usually, employees within the hospital departments, such as, nurses, healthcare professionals, etc are employed as hospital administrators. But, if you want to work for a hospital as a hospital administrator, you must have management ability and leadership skills. A master’s degree in business administration with specialization in healthcare management will be beneficial in getting this job.
These are the skills which you will require, additionally
• You must have taken mentorship under a healthcare administrator.
• You must have knowledge about healthcare law, regulations, and policies for hospitals and hospital staff.
• You must be able to create new policies and ensure the smooth operations across all departments of hospitals.
• You must manage all the reports of all the duties and responsibilities of hospital staff, doctors, assistants, etc.
• You will also manage the financial operations of the entire hospital by developing a financial plan and rates for a variety of healthcare services.
• You should also be able to raise funds and find financers for the hospital as an administrator.
• You could work across a variety of hospitals, such as, outpatients care, rehabs, specialty hospitals etc. You must know how to create policies and ensure that all the operations in the hospital are in compliance with the healthcare regulatory services.
• The work hours as a hospital administrator could be a typical nine hour. You could also, additionally, have to work overnight in case of an emergency.
• In whatever facility you choose to work, you must have knowledge about that facility in terms of healthcare law, policies, financial operations, budgeting, and fund raising.
Basic requirement of this job
This is a job which requires a person to be highly responsible and have excellent leadership and organizational skills. Necessary certifications with regard to healthcare services are needed. You must have knowledge and skills in healthcare management, healthcare financial and business management, knowledge about public healthcare and administration, policy making in healthcare department, etc. Even doctors who have education and training in business administration can apply for this role.
Scope of this job
You will be heading the operations across various departments of the entire hospital. This role by itself is the highest role in healthcare administration. Apart from this, you can start your own hospital with sufficient funding and experience on your side. You can also choose your specialty in healthcare when you want to establish your own healthcare facility.

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