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I recently flew to Singapore to give a keynote on AI in healthcare and attend a panel discussion on the same topic hosted by School of AI and sponsored by Accenture. School of AI is a nonprofit with a goal of giving everyone on Earth a world-class AI education for free. This was a launch event for our first global hackathon called Health Hack that will be hosted in over 30 cities around the world by our Deans (community representatives). In this video, you’ll learn about automated diagnostics, synthetic biology, drug discovery, and the ethical implications of AI. Enjoy!

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Demystifying AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare


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Seven Challenges Facing Today’s Health Care Leaders

It’s always been challenging to be a leader in health care—competing priorities, tight budgets, helping staff find meaning and joy in work. But this time, right now, may be the most trying we’ve ever seen. In this short video, IHI’s President and CEO shares seven specific challenges facing today’s health care leaders. Along with former IHI CEOs Don Berwick and Maureen Bisognano, Feeley will share proven strategies, potential solutions, and bold new ideas in IHI’s Fall 2017 Change Conference: Leading at the Edge. Learn more about the two-day event here:

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Why Health Care Boards Need to Know Quality Improvement

Why Health Care Boards Need to Know Quality Improvement

Photo by: rawpixel / Unsplash

IHI’s Derek Feeley on the need for health care boards to learn about quality improvement

Download the IHI White Paper “Framework for Effective Board Governance of Health System Quality” at

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Engineering Continuing Schooling – What Is the Foreseeable future of Engineering?

Engineering Continuing Schooling – What Is the Foreseeable future of Engineering?

Photo by: Breno Machado / Unsplash


With the current down transform in the economy a lot of engineers have decline their work or apprehensive that they probably shedding their work quickly. Budget constraints both in the public and non-public sector are forcing to imagine about how protected the work definitely are. But as we all know this economic downturn will not previous for good. Sooner or later the promised recovery will get started. The question is what engineering will advantage from the renewed economy and which types will not fair so well? There is no actual crystal ball, but there are clear indicators that every single engineer must be conscious of and make preparations accordingly.

Engineers will need to continue on their education and learning to keep up with the most up-to-date systems to present their purchasers the finest answers. Most of the Point out Licensing Boards call for Skilled Engineers to renew their expert licenses periodically with a bare minimum range of continuing education and learning units. These units are typically Skilled Improvement Several hours (PDH) or Continuing Schooling Units (CEU). A single PDH is equal to just one hour of study course education and learning, and just one CEU is equal to 10 PDH or 10 hrs of study course education and learning. Some may discover that their occupation is not increasing or trailing at the rear of may need to alter occupations or energy their complex expertise.

A single of the finest indicators of future markets is to know what the toddler boomer era wants and desires. The toddler boomers, the individuals born concerning 1945 and 1964, are now approaching retirement age. Lots of will be retiring and will…


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Discovering Something New: For Existence and For Wellbeing

Discovering Something New: For Existence and For Wellbeing

Photo by: Scott Webb / Unsplash


You generally listen to how laughter is the greatest medicine, and for some persons chocolate or multivitamins match the monthly bill instead. Each individual human being is exclusive and so is his or her chosen sort of medicine. What about learning a thing new as a sort of medicine?

Usually there are areas of persona, skills, and overall health that haven’t been expressed, at the very least in a when, and are just waiting to be permit out. All people has diverse skills, so the crucial to unlocking these hidden treasures is exclusive to you. It could be that drawing or portray provides a sort of expression that you get pleasure from. Creating stories, or a website. Dancing or singing. Anyone who is very good at cooking dinner may well test out desserts or baking instead. How about learning piano or guitar? A new sport?

Discovering a thing new allows us sense journey in lifestyle, which is quite much a element of sensation nutritious and lively. When each day function and chores construct up, hoping a thing new shakes factors up and encourages us to be in improved tune with ourselves in a lot of diverse means–together with our overall health. It could be that you have a expertise you have exercised right before, and perhaps it’d be enjoyable to acquire it to a new degree in some way.

The journey of learning a thing new can be annoying at 1st, and even this sensation can add to your overall health. Men and women can discover that the disappointment they expertise in a new activity is one they are working with on a larger sized degree as well in other areas of lifestyle. Tackling the challenge by the new learning expertise can leap commence…


Source by Aarti Patel

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The Penalties of Curiosity


“Concern almost everything,” my father after explained, assuming it would lead me to feeling and motive. I only understood how harmful this was when I comprehended what it signifies to dwell in a earth of conceitedness and ignorance. This is not a diatribe nor is it a tirade. It is basically an option watch on how we understand reality.

Culture, media, and political intervention are entities that set the procedures for the playground we are born into. You either abide by these procedures or you locate oneself in an awkward pit of judgment, suffering, and confusion. 

Anticipations have us regretting the previous and dreading the foreseeable future. These preset situations and targets that we inherit, is what different individuals from their legitimate ambitions ambitions that deliver feeling to our convoluted existence.

Achievements, the most misinterpreted and overrated term misused ever considering that the discovery of trade. The bane of all judgment, the measurement unit of one’s self in society, the creator and destroyer of lives. Persons will give their lifestyle and choose others’ for accomplishment. Blinded by it, manipulated by it, bloodthirsty and frothy for it. This is the epitome of all that is improper in this earth. Greed, deceit, envy, ruthlessness, and sacrifice all byproducts of the pursuit of accomplishment. To believe that individuals in fact believe that that accomplishment is what it’s all about. That it is all that a single can talk to for and what a single can possibly want. The really foundations of how we understand lifestyle and its function as have nonetheless to be questioned.

I questioned faith. I questioned religion. I questioned morals, ethics, politics, education and learning, and generic advice. 

Fear. Fear is what these are derived from. The fear of loss of life, the fear of failure, the fear of crime, errors, and regret. We are operate by fear and fear is what has everybody comfortably incapacitated in their respectful bubbles. After you’ve got backtracked significantly ample by means of the supply and motive of these social constructs, you will locate oneself in an daunting situation. Detach oneself from emotion and aim on reality, and you will realize how by yourself we are how insignificant and irrelevant our existence is. You begin to comprehend why motive was necessary and belief was critical.

Concern lifestyle and you will soon begin to ponder it. What comes about when there is no respond to? What comes about when queries are open ended and the sole function of your lifestyle relies on that absent respond to? What is the issue of all this? You take in, snooze, excrete, develop up, locate get the job done, have a family, and then pass absent. Is that all there is to it? Logically talking, that’s pretty significantly it truly. If that will not scare you, I never know what will. 

Rationale. We are beings of motive choose absent motive, and what is still left? Exactly where we locate motive is what defines us independently. Persons vacation resort to faith, religion, get the job done, education and learning, anything at all they can get their hands to give motive to what small time they have still left on the miracle that we have appeared on that is earth.

It is essential to absolutely comprehend the roots and achievable factors of these kinds of phenomena. Just after all, if it was not for the development, inheritance and adoption of these kinds of way of life, we wouldn’t be listed here currently. How would a kingdom prosper off its individuals devoid of the illusion of ability by means of fear? How would its financial state operate devoid of the demand from customers for what is perceived to be the indicators of accomplishment i.e. land and prosperity? How would you encourage yet another equal dwelling human currently being to clean up the sewers day in and day out whilst you sip on your martini at a cigar bar down at crowns? 

Hope. Have them wrestle, slave and get the job done for factors you have constructed. A decoy if you might, an illusion within an illusion. You believe you’ve got bought it all figured out? That’s what they want you to believe. At the conclusion of the day, we will slave absent and we will abide with the procedures for the reason that no person is aware of what they never know. Consider about it.

Give a gentleman a fish and you feed him for a day. Educate a gentleman how to fish at a price tag, and you will be fed for a lifetime.

Commercialized Education and learning. This “Just place up with it for a couple of yrs, it’s going to be over soon” nonsense desires to stop. The have to have for education and learning has been for all the improper factors over the previous 10 years normally a pressured determination because of to poverty or satisfaction. Education and learning has moved from the prosper of awareness to quite actually the only way to make a dwelling these days (at least that’s what we’re built to believe that). This is the x component, the closing items of the grand plan of issues finally slipping into location. You get the job done to survive and you survive for the reason that you get the job done. In essence, you will do as you happen to be advised.

Evaluate technological enhancements to over-all around the globe physiological variety. It is abysmal and quite uncomfortable how the greater part nonetheless clings onto prehistoric mannerisms these kinds of as sexism, racism, homophobia, cultural satisfaction at the value of contentment etcetera. We have been in a position to monitor down and illustrate Kepler-186f, the most Earth-like planet some 500 light-weight yrs absent, but individuals nonetheless are not able to wrap their heads around the straightforward thought of individuality. Pathetic just isn’t it?

What is improper and what is ideal? You should not have any individual notify you normally for the reason that at the conclusion of the day, your consciousness is all that is authentic. You are the maestro of all that you will ever know. Compose your future, publish it and if you usually are not satisfied, rewrite once more until eventually you get it ideal. Build your motive and take none other. You are your possess god.


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