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Allied Healthcare Careers Program | UCLA Health Community Engagement

UCLA Community Engagement team operates the Allied Healthcare Careers Program with partnership from UCLA Health Talent Acquisition. The program offers education on career pathways in the healthcare fields to students across various high schools in Los Angeles County. Students learn about entry level careers like medical assistant, phlebotomy and EMT, to those that require higher level training such as occupational therapy, child life and social work.

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Understanding Healthcare Worker Radiation Protection

Even though the use of radiation by those in the healthcare field is often essential to determining specific matters which are needed to render quality care to the patient, there is no dispute that continual exposure to radiation can lead to serious health problems for healthcare workers. Given that, anyone who is continuously exposed to these emissions should utilize protective wear to cut down on these health risks. This article discusses some of the protective products which are available.

Common Uses of Radiation and Risks from It

Many of the employees in research laboratories, clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, and hospitals are involved in work which involves radiation. This includes physicians, nurses, dentists, scientific researchers, and the assistants for each of them. Although there are certainly many devices in these facilities that emit radiation, the one most often mentioned is the X-ray machine. While no one would dispute that x-rays are extremely beneficial in treating patients, constant, long-term exposure to the radiation emitted by them has been shown to cause serious health problems, including skin burns, cataracts, damage to the thyroid gland, tumors, and even cancer, to name just a few of the risks.

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