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Why Healthcare Costing Matters to Enable Strategy and Financial Performance

According to Moody’s Investment Service Analysis, not-for-profit hospital margins are at an all-time low of 1.6% while the American Hospital Association has found that 30% of all hospitals have negative margins. Financial pressures are continuing to increase in an environment of rising costs, lower payments, an aging population, higher patient responsibility and changing consumer demands. Now more than ever healthcare providers need to have an accurate picture of their costing information to enable precise, strategic decisions that will improve financial performance.

Activity-based costing has the power to do just that. In this webinar Steve Vance, SVP, Professional Services, Health Catalyst explores different costing methodologies and discusses why activity-based costing is the preferable method to manage margins because it directly ties services to their costs. Many healthcare organizations base their costs on generalized drivers such as relative value units (RVUs) through their chargemaster rather than on specific activities associated with their services, leading to inaccurate assumptions and poor decisions.

View this webinar to learn:
– Why activity-based costing should be your core tool for improving financial performance.
– The differences and implications between costing methodologies.
– How to leverage data from an Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW) and automate processes while improving accuracy.
– Ways that you can make strategic decisions using clinical and operational data when tied to costing data.
– Activity-based costing use cases such as contract negotiations, pricing decisions, population health management (PHM), and process improvement efforts

We hope that you will will view the webinar and learn from the depth and breadth of Steve’s extensive financial experience.

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Healthcare Data

I recently flew to Singapore to give a keynote on AI in healthcare and attend a panel discussion on the same topic hosted by School of AI and sponsored by Accenture. School of AI is a nonprofit with a goal of giving everyone on Earth a world-class AI education for free. This was a launch event for our first global hackathon called Health Hack that will be hosted in over 30 cities around the world by our Deans (community representatives). In this video, you’ll learn about automated diagnostics, synthetic biology, drug discovery, and the ethical implications of AI. Enjoy!

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Medidata and SHYFT Analytics Form Commercial Partnership | Business Wire

Medidata and SHYFT Analytics Form Commercial Partnership | Business Wire



Analytics (SHYFT) today announced a strategic commercial partnership

to increase access to healthcare data analytics in clinical trials. The

partnership will enable life sciences companies to add real world

evidence (RWE) data from electronic medical records (EMRs) and health

claims to information traditionally collected in clinical trials,

providing a more comprehensive view of patient health.

Using Medidata’s industry-leading clinical technology platform and

SHYFT’s intelligent analytics, life sciences companies and their

contract research organization (CRO) partners can analyze RWE data to

improve study design and site selection, two of the most critical and

costly components of successful drug development programs. The joint

offering will provide insights that can be used to identify specific

patient populations for studies across therapeutic areas, supporting

efforts to design more effective protocols, more efficiently recruit

study participants and uncover the best treatment paths in clinical


“As life sciences companies embark on more complex and targeted programs

in oncology, rare diseases and a range of therapeutic areas, embedding

real world evidence data and outcomes-based analytics early in the

clinical trial process is imperative for success,” said Mike Capone,

Medidata’s chief operating officer. “Our partnership with SHYFT is part

of our ongoing efforts to help life sciences companies realize the value

of data assets, providing the capabilities to overcome key R&D

challenges and, in doing so, speed time to market and more quickly

deliver new medicines to patients.”

In working with more than 700 life sciences customers, Medidata has

amassed among the largest sets of clinical data assets in the world.

Combining the breadth and depth of Medidata’s clinical data with SHYFT’s

real world evidence capabilities will provide the life sciences industry

with unparalleled healthcare analytics. The partnership coincides with

the recent completion of SHYFT’s

Series B investment round, which included investments from Medidata,

McKesson Ventures and other healthcare industry leaders.

“This partnership represents an opportunity to leverage real world data

and analytics to solve new and emerging challenges in clinical and

drug-development activities,” added Zackary King, CEO and co-founder of

SHYFT Analytics. “Customers can derive tremendous value from

patient-centered data analytics and broaden its decision-driving utility

across the enterprise. We’re excited to approach these challenges in

partnership with Medidata and with a shared vision for advancing

healthcare through analytics.”

Founded in 2004, SHYFT helps life sciences companies integrate and

translate different healthcare data sets into actionable insights. The

company works with customers to integrate data from multiple third-party

systems into its cloud platform, where the information is then delivered

as personalized insights and analytics to clients across the clinical

and commercial continuum.

Connect with Medidata:

About Medidata


is reinventing global drug development by creating the industry’s

leading cloud-based solutions for clinical research. Through our

advanced applications and intelligent data analytics, Medidata helps

advance the scientific goals of life sciences customers worldwide,

including more than 700 global pharmaceutical companies, innovative

biotech, diagnostic and device firms, leading academic medical centers,

and contract research organizations.

The Medidata Clinical Cloud® (MCC) brings a new level of

quality and efficiency to clinical trials that empower our customers to

make more informed decisions earlier and faster. Our unparalleled

clinical trial data assets provide deep insights that pave the way for

future growth. The MCC is the primary technology solution powering

clinical trials for 17 of the world’s top 25 global pharmaceutical

companies, from study design and planning through execution, management

and reporting.

About SHYFT Analytics

SHYFT Analytics is the leader in cloud-based data and guided analytics

solutions for global life sciences. The company delivers smarter,

timelier access to novel insights that provide new ways to look at the

healthcare business to increase competitiveness, enhance customer

engagement and grow revenue. Purpose-built for the life sciences

industry, SHYFT’s Enterprise Cloud Analytics Platform is the fastest way

to transform healthcare data into actionable insights and achieve

significant scale and agility. More information can be found at

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