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I recently flew to Singapore to give a keynote on AI in healthcare and attend a panel discussion on the same topic hosted by School of AI and sponsored by Accenture. School of AI is a nonprofit with a goal of giving everyone on Earth a world-class AI education for free. This was a launch event for our first global hackathon called Health Hack that will be hosted in over 30 cities around the world by our Deans (community representatives). In this video, you’ll learn about automated diagnostics, synthetic biology, drug discovery, and the ethical implications of AI. Enjoy!

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HDMS Enables Health Plans to Demonstrate Improved Quality and Outcomes at Centers of Excellence

HDMS Enables Health Plans to Demonstrate Improved Quality and Outcomes at Centers of Excellence

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

HDMS announces the release of its first-to-market Centers of Excellence (COE) reporting tool which demonstrates the effectiveness and improved health outcomes for health plans’ COE programs. The module, which looks at six categories of critical care, is focused on leveraging evidence-based criteria for achieving better health outcomes for members and employers. HDMS, through collaboration with its Health Plan Advisory Board, is offering health plans innovative ways to leverage data at the individual facility-level to clearly articulate the value of such programs to the marketplace.

HDMS’ COE reporting capability allows health plans to easily analyze performance data from approximately 1,900 Centers of Excellence around the country. Reporting focuses on six core areas of specialty care: Bariatric Surgery, Cardiac Care, Complex and Rare Cancers, Knee and Hip Replacement, Spine Surgery, and Transplants. HDMS worked closely with focus groups and its Health Plan Advisory Board to ensure future clients could easily implement and utilize the COE tool by leveraging a shared platform.

“When our health plan clients told us that they needed to more effectively communicate the incredible power of their Centers of Excellence to the marketplace, we were eager to work with them to develop a targeted solution,” said Rick Abbott, Vice President of Health Plan Services for HDMS. “We have a long history of supporting local health plans’ participation in national quality programs and we’re excited to further that relationship by working closely with them to improve health outcomes for their members through the Centers of Excellence.”

Each health plan adheres to a set of national evidence-based measures that focus on overall quality of care and outcomes that determine which facilities are chosen as Centers of Excellence. The new COE offering from HDMS focuses on identifying the overall quality of care delivered by these COEs as opposed to their facility counterparts. This new reporting capability will continue to grow and expand to ensure that the COE program’s effectiveness is driven by evidence-based, data-driven insights.

“The guiding principal of our solution is helping our clients deliver better health outcomes for patients and members,” says Abbott. “HDMS is proud to partner with our clients to help their members find and receive better care through Centers of Excellence.”

About HDMS

Health Data & Management Solutions, Inc. (HDMS) is a software development company offering data warehouse, management and analysis tools for the healthcare industry. HDMS’ web-based products and services provide flexible, high value reporting, empowering both employers and health plans to maximize the value of their health care data and support benefit decisions.

For more information about Health Data & Management Solutions, please visit or contact inquiry(at)hdms(dot)com.

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Former Adult Film Stars File California Class Action Lawsuit Against AIM Porn Clinic Over Health Disclosures, Notes AHF | Business Wire

Former Adult Film Stars File California Class Action Lawsuit Against AIM Porn Clinic Over Health Disclosures, Notes AHF | Business Wire

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Two former actresses in the adult film industry, including Diana

Grandmason, are filing a California lawsuit against Adult

Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM), a Los Angeles area

HIV testing clinic funded by and serving the adult film industry,

alleging privacy breaches of their protected patient health data.



Press Conference and Teleconference

Former Adult Film Stars Sue Adult Industry Medical Health Care

Foundation (AIM)

Testing Clinic Over Privacy Breaches of Patient Health Data,

Deceptive Business Practices



MONDAY, June 28th 2010—11:00 AM Pacific



AHF Headquarters

6255 W. Sunset Blvd. (at Argyle)

21st FLOOR

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Teleconference Dial in information: +1.877.411.9748

participant code #7931503



Diana Grandmason, former adult film actress, AIM lawsuit

plaintiff (in person in Los Angeles)

Brian Chase, Pro Bono Attorney & Assistant General Counsel,


Tom Myers, Pro Bono Attorney & Chief of Public Affairs for

AHF (via teleconference)

Michael Weinstein, AIDS Healthcare Foundation President



Ged Kenslea, AHF Communications Director (323) 791-5526

cell (323) 308-1833 office


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Top Three Open Source Design Concepts that Rethink Health from Involution Studios

Top Three Open Source Design Concepts that Rethink Health from Involution Studios

Arlington, Massachusetts (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Involution Studios, a software design company that solves some of the healthcare industry's most pressing problems, has launched three open source design concepts that radically rethink health. Involution Studios' creative team has been on the bleeding edge of technology creating software solutions for clients including AstraZeneca, 3M Health Information Systems, Partners HealthCare and Walgreens.

As part of the studio's philosophy to change healthcare in a positive way, many of its designs are open source. Here are the top three that are changing the discussion about health.


hGraph is currently the only open source tool for visualizing a patient’s complete range of health metrics. This one-of-a-kind visualization approach aggregates health data both on a personal and community level. It provides clinicians with at-a-glance analytics of a patient’s overall health, allowing doctors to spot patterns and red flags. It works by comparing a person’s health data against targeted health ranges based on factors like age and gender. Metrics that appear red are either lower or higher than the “good health” range. The hScore is an overall, aggregated score of health (1-100) that represents a person’s health status, or grade.

In this deceptively simple fashion hGraph enables the compilation and display of a considerable amount of information within a limited space. hGraph software is currently in pilot programs at a major retail pharmacy and in on-campus clinics for two major technology companies.


In the bathroom and, eventually, in other environments like the medical practitioner’s office or the hospital room, the majority of your physiologic signs will be snagged non-invasively, through sensors that passively sniff you. No blood draws. No awkward stool sample cards. Just whiffs and sniffs and the occasional photograph. All of this must be designed to feel wonderful, so that you think more about life and less about “health” and “security.” Background, automatic health sensing will let us focus our consciousness on the dream life we want to live. No one wants to be called a “patient.”

With the hPod concept, your bathroom will be an invisible sensor haven. Consider what that room collects and how it could be assessed, sooner rather than later: Hair follicles collected in the shower drain. GI samples and urinalysis from the toilet. Your biome sloughing off into the sink. Weight, heart rate, blood flow, and facial expressions, recorded automatically. It just happens, with regular feedback loops but no mental or physical overhead. It isn’t the bathroom anymore, it’s the health room.

“As design harnesses digital, materials and networking technologies, a very new health experience is just over the horizon,” noted Juhan Sonin, Involution Studios Creative Director. “Proactive, lifestyle design. Tracking real-time health data. Non-invasive tools. Custom “just for you” treatments based on your actual genome. These are all real technologies, being used by ordinary people. Together they are leading us to “stage zero” detection and treatment which has the potential to double or better the lifespan of every first-world citizen.”

Health Axioms

The Health Axioms are about daily care and attention to health in a distinctly physical format. They are graphic examples, using a visual story to communicate something important about individual health and well-being while influencing behavior change.

The Axioms help people focus on clear, actionable advice that will impact their health and how they interact within the healthcare system. Each axiom concentrates on a one specific behavior that can move people in the direction of better health.

Doctors are using the Health Axioms card deck to discuss key issues with patients and hand them out as daily reminders post-check-up. Three different clinical practices are currently leveraging them as part of everyday exams. Wall art is another outlet, where clinics are hanging large Health Axioms on the walls to inform discussions and remind patients and doctors alike of the 4-6 healthy behaviors we should engage in, such as “Get More Sleep,” “Exercise is Medicine,” “Food is Medicine,” “Stop Smoking,” and “Examine Yourself.” Next up is environmental graphics — imagine bigger-than-life-sized murals on hospital walls — which are being prototyped in local clinics right now.

About Involution Studios

Involution studios crafts exceptional software for progressive companies. For more information, visit Juhan Sonin, Involution Studios' Creative Director, will be speaking on hGraph and Health Axioms at Stanford Medicine Xon Saturday, September 6th.

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Five Star Senior Living Has Seven Communities Compete in “A Taste of Senior Living” in Clarksville, Maryland | Business Wire

Five Star Senior Living Has Seven Communities Compete in “A Taste of Senior Living” in Clarksville, Maryland | Business Wire

NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Five Star Quality Care, Inc. (Nasdaq: FVE), one of the nation’s leading

senior living and healthcare services providers which does business

under the name “Five Star Senior Living”, today announced that seven

communities participated at “A Taste of Senior Living” in Clarksville,

Maryland.$@% Your Health&w=144&h=78&pos=8&vid=88f5997afada5d0e6d83e14b337593ef&sigr=11pihe6jm&sigt=10gs2omkc&sigi=12j4dn3bq" title="F$@% Your Health" data-pos="7"

The Lifespan Network invited Senior Living communities to feature dishes

served to residents and a panel of judges critiqued the entrants based

upon taste, texture and appearance. Somerford Place Columbia won the

Silver Spoon award for their Nutella Nutro ice cream served on a

shortbread spoon. Aspenwood won first place for best entrée with their

Herb crusted Beef Tenderloin with Demi Glaze. Heartlands at Severna Park

won second place for the people’s choice award with a Savory Smoked BBQ

Pork with Blackened Baby Corn and Smoked Gouda Macaroni and Cheese with

Bacon. Somerford Place of Annapolis, Somerford House & Place of

Hagerstown, Somerford Place Frederick and Five Star Premier Residences

of Chevy Chase also competed.

“I am so proud of all seven communities for representing Five Star with

delicious food and incredible displays. Five Star Senior Living is

committed to providing residents with quality food that is both

nutritious and appetizing,” commented Mary Ellen Greenfield, Director of

Dining Services of Five Star Senior Living.

For more information about Five Star’s Signature Dining please visit,

To find a Five Star community near you please visit,

About Five Star Senior Living

Five Star Senior Living operates over 270 Independent Living, Assisted

Living, Alzheimer’s/Memory Care, and Healthcare Centers with Skilled

Nursing & Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Retirement Communities

across the country. Five Star is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.

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3M and Verily Life Sciences Collaborate to Develop Population Health Measurement Technology for Healthcare Providers and Payers | Business Wire

3M and Verily Life Sciences Collaborate to Develop Population Health Measurement Technology for Healthcare Providers and Payers | Business Wire

ST. PAUL, Minn. & SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–3M Health Information Systems, a business of 3M, and Verily Life

Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences), an Alphabet company, today

announced that they have entered into a strategic agreement to develop

new population health measurement technology for managing clinical and

financial performance. The joint technology platform will be designed to

analyze quality performance data across healthcare delivery systems and

patient populations, and deliver meaningful information that can be used

to promote real and sustainable improvements in healthcare quality and


“At 3M, we are constantly evaluating how health information technology

can help improve the efficiency, quality and cost of delivering care,”

said JaeLynn Williams, vice president and general manager, 3M Health

Information Systems. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to

continued innovation in health information systems that address

real-world problems facing health care today, while protecting the

privacy and security of health data.”

The joint technology platform will build on 3M’s extensive experience in

health data coding and classification and its industry-leading risk

stratification methodologies, which are used by federal agencies,

hospital associations, and state Medicaid agencies for hospital quality

reporting and as the basis for new outcomes-based payment models. Verily

will apply its deep domain expertise in data analytics and the

development of software tools and algorithms to help make this health

data useful and actionable.

Together, 3M and Verily will work to transform population-level health

data-sets into manageable and prioritized information so that

participating hospitals, health systems, payers, regulators and

strategic partners can evaluate performance, reduce waste and identify

areas that impact efficiency, quality and cost.

“We have the data analytics and software to understand trends and make

predictions across large quantities of data, and we see a clear

opportunity to apply this approach to health data for insights that can

impact care,” stated Tom Stanis, head of software and analytics at

Verily. “Together, with 3M’s know-how and deep expertise in parsing and

coding clinical data, we imagine a world where providers have precise

information to guide focused improvement, and can consistently access

objective, actionable feedback to make informed decisions.”

The 3M and Verily platform will be designed to include quality measures

that assess complications, readmissions and mortality, and cost measures

like length of stay and specific service line costs. It will evaluate

multiple performance measures across departments, procedures and

practitioners, including downstream providers such as specialists, home

health and transitional care facilities.

About Verily Life Sciences

Verily is a life sciences research and engineering organization focused

on improving healthcare outcomes by applying the latest scientific and

technological advances to significant problems in health and biology. By

combining unparalleled capabilities in data organization and analytics

services with robust scientific and product engineering expertise,

Verily is targeting the dual objectives of creating tools and

user-friendly platforms that capture a deeper and broader set of health

data, and organizing the data so that it is useful and actionable.

Verily partners with leading life sciences, medical device, and

government organizations to leverage deep domain expertise and resources

that enable exponentially faster development, meaningful advancements,

and deployment at scale.

About 3M

At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily.

With $30 billion in sales, our 90,000 employees connect with customers

all around the world. Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the

world’s problems at

or on Twitter @3M or @3MNewsroom.

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