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How single-payer health care works, in 2 minutes

Vox explains how single-payer health care systems work — and how well patients do in them.

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Healthcare Triage Questions #1

This week, Healthcare Triage presents its first questions video! Many of you submitted questions over Twitter, and John and Aaron sat down to answer them. Hilarity sometimes ensues. Make sure you get your question in next time if you want to see it answered. Or, if you want your Twitter handle prominently displayed in a video. Or both.


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John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen – Graphics

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Dr Eric Berg Worst of the Healthcare Industry Part 2

Dr. Eric Berg responds to my criticisms against him with ad hominems.

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Eric Berg found guilty of malpractice by the Virginia Board of Medicine:

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Nutritious Feeding on – Is The Mediterranean Diet program For You?

Nutritious Feeding on – Is The Mediterranean Diet program For You?


A diet approach you may perhaps have read about if you have been doing your analysis on the lots of diverse healthful eating plans out there is the Mediterranean diet. This eating design has acquired a large amount of constructive opinions by lots of folks for the a lot of benefits it gives. Although it is usually referred to as a diet, it is more a way of eating.

Let us immediately get a nearer glance at what this approach involves and irrespective of whether or not it is appropriate for you…

one. The Mediterranean Diet program: The Foundation. As the identify implies, this distinct diet is one centered all over what the folks of the Mediterranean try to eat. When seeking at this team of folks as a total, it would look they have decrease general condition premiums than folks in other areas, so it would show up they are doing something appropriate wherever their overall health is worried.

The diet itself encourages the inclusion of lots of fruits and vegetables, alongside with a large amount of fish and total grains. Olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes, and seeds are also inspired, and these foodstuff need to make up the bulk of the approach.

Previously mentioned that, poultry, cheese, eggs, and yogurt need to be eaten in moderation and meats and sweets only consumed on an occasional foundation.

This diet could be explained to be equivalent to the vegetarian solution with the inclusion of fish and seafood and just a small dose of other animal related products.

2. The Mediterranean Diet program: The Positive aspects. So what benefits do you stand to acquire from eating in this fashion? Some of the major benefits include…

  • a lowered danger of heart condition,
  • decrease blood pressure degrees,
  • an improved cholesterol profile,
  • a much healthier system body weight,
  • steadier electricity degrees, and
  • a decrease danger variable for acquiring cancer.

As you can see, if overall health is a top priority for you, this design of eating will deliver.

3. The Mediterranean Diet program: Is It For You? So is this solution for you? What is the final verdict on this diet? This eating approach is a terrific choice if you are a person who can stay clear of eating meat and other animal-centered foodstuff.

If, even so, you adore your steak and ham, odds are you will not fare extremely perfectly. If you are a person who enjoys fruits and vegetables, even so, and in a natural way feels superior eating a better carb diet – but building positive these carbs are coming from healthful sources – then you need to see excellent results by offering this eating approach a check out.


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three Benefits of Superior Nutrition

three Benefits of Superior Nutrition


The first reward of good diet is offering your physique to do the position it was made to do- which is to be nutritious! The easier it is for your physique to purpose typically, the a lot more it can do all of its operate without having acquiring to ‘put out fires’. This implies it is easier for you to imagine, walk, speak, snooze and do all of the hundreds of things you do everyday without having even noticing.

How do you know what good diet is? Assume of foods that are not processed. This implies the much less measures foodstuff goes by means of before it is really on your plate the a lot more dietary price it carries with it. The new peach, or plum or carrot is a lot easier for your physique to crack down and digest. Look at to a prepared entree that possibly began out new, went to a processing manufacturing facility and has now absent by means of many chemical procedures to get to you. It is older, a lot less new, and not very as alive as that fruit or vegetable is.

The 2nd reward of good diet is that it is really easier to get well from sickness or harm. When you are ill, your physique goes into overdrive defending you, and generating many unique hormones and chemicals. This places a lot more ‘stress’ on the system. When the underlying system (your physique) is somewhat audio, the anxiety does not past as lengthy, and will not place as a lot pressure on your physique as if you were being ill. Assume about the healthiest person you know. Someone who eats brightly coloured new fruit and greens, workouts, and so on. Other than a serious sickness or harm, see that they are ready to bounce back again a lot more promptly from insignificant, or every day sicknesses.

This will not mean that you have to develop into a person who is entirely into raw foodstuff, or working marathons to be nutritious. The bottom line is that people have not progressed from hunters and gatherers to men and women that get the bulk of their foodstuff from a box. The many amazing (and not so amazing) advances we have built in the spots of technological innovation and foodstuff are not generally to our benefit. Examine the “Stop of Food” by Paul Roberts if you would like a lot more information and facts in this spot.

The third reward of good diet is lowering head anxiety. If you are acquiring an satisfactory ingestion of vitamins and minerals, each by means of foodstuff and supplements, your brain will operate improved. If your brain is fed, it is really easier to make conclusions, ranging from every day to intricate. An superb e-book on this issue is by Dr. Mark Hyman “Resolve your broken brain by therapeutic your physique first”.

Superior diet is important to your health, and the good news is it is really in your grocery basket- imagine simple, basic and new!


Resource by Michelle Schulz

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