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What if all US health care costs were transparent? | Jeanne Pinder

In the US, the very same blood test can cost $19 at one clinic and $522 at another clinic just blocks away — and nobody knows the difference until they get a bill weeks later. Journalist Jeanne Pinder says it doesn’t have to be this way. She’s built a platform that crowdsources the true costs of medical procedures and makes the data public, revealing the secrets of health care pricing. Learn how knowing what stuff costs in advance could make us healthier, save us money — and help fix a broken system.

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Healthcare Data

I recently flew to Singapore to give a keynote on AI in healthcare and attend a panel discussion on the same topic hosted by School of AI and sponsored by Accenture. School of AI is a nonprofit with a goal of giving everyone on Earth a world-class AI education for free. This was a launch event for our first global hackathon called Health Hack that will be hosted in over 30 cities around the world by our Deans (community representatives). In this video, you’ll learn about automated diagnostics, synthetic biology, drug discovery, and the ethical implications of AI. Enjoy!

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AI in Healthcare: Real-World Machine Learning Use Cases

Levi Thatcher, PhD, VP of Data Science at Health Catalyst will share practical AI use cases and distill the lessons into a framework you can use when evaluating AI healthcare projects. Specifically, Levi will answer these questions:

What are great healthcare business cases for AI/ML?
What kind of data do you need?
What tools / talent do you need?
How do you integrate AI/ML into the daily workflow?

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ACA and AHCA: Don Berwick Breaks It Down

Health care has taken center stage in the last few months in the United States. From debates on Capitol Hill, to town hall meetings, to non-stop media coverage, topics like insurance coverage, Medicaid expansion, and payment reform have been on everyone’s minds.

No matter your view, we believe a common understanding of the issues is critical.

It is in that spirit that we share this video from Dr. Don Berwick. Berwick, President Emeritus and a Senior Fellow at IHI, explains the changing health care landscape in terms that are both simple and comprehensive. What’s the future of the Affordable Care Act? If it’s “repealed and replaced” by the American Health Care Act, what will change? What’s the difference between the two?

Berwick originally gave a version of this lecture at a Leadership Alliance Meeting in May of 2017. Reactions from Alliance members encouraged us to share it more widely. We — and Don — hope you find it helpful:

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Why Has Big Data Analytics Become A Part And Parcel of Healthcare?

Why Has Big Data Analytics Become A Part And Parcel of Healthcare?

Every minute of the day, we are amazed to see how a remote patient monitoring system is gleaning thousands of pieces of health data using variable telehealth devices and digital systems like Fitbit, Bluetooth, smart phones and sensors and collecting information about things like medication intake, physical activity, glucose levels, and blood pressure.

Hence driving the need for specialized analytics system and software that can manage, analyze and leverage data to predict outbreaks of epidemics, avoid preventable diseases, reduce costs of treatment and improve the quality of life in general.

In this article, we would like to address that proverbial big data enabled revolution that was predicted by Mckinsey and Company.

How Big Data Is Simplifying Healthcare Analytics:

  • Optimizing patient care and revenue streams.
  • Let's you take advantage of real-time data for real-life situations i.e. real time alerting.
  • In recognizing and balancing patients' needs as well as those of medical staff.
  • Keeping up with imperative, industry-wide changes that affect profits.
  • Helps in maintaining electronic health records (EHRs) where it triggers warnings and reminders when a patient should get a new lab test or track prescriptions to see if a patient has been following doctors' orders.
  • Helping to prevent Opioid Abuse, reaching out to people identified as “high risk” and preventing them from developing a drug issue.
  • The use of Big Data in healthcare allows for strategic planning. It facilitates care managers to analyze check up results among people in different demographic groups and help them in identifying the factors that discourage people from taking up treatment.
  • It helps medical researchers to use a large amount of data on treatment plans and recovery rates of cancer patients in order to find trends and treatments that have the highest rates of success in the real world.
  • And the last Predictive analytics that helps in improving the delivery of care.

Promises of Big Data in Healthcare:

  • Volume

In 2020, it is estimated there will be more than 44 times more data than there was in 2009. Big data software and techniques will work to manage these large chunks of data and turn them into valuable piece of information.

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