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The Impact of Residential Schools on Aboriginal Healthcare | Dawn Tisdale | TEDxComoxValley

Dawn talks about residential schools and their impact on the people and their family’s who were involved. She passionately makes a plea for a link between what residential school survivors experienced, and how their future healthcare needs have to match the impacts of that experience.

Dawn Tisdale is a third year student obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at North Island College. Dawn grew up in Montreal, moved to the island in 2000, and became a community support worker for adults with disabilities. Wanting to further explore her career in health care, she decided to go back to school to become an RN. Since entering the BSN program, Dawn has become extremely passionate about nursing – aboriginal health, in particular. What fuels her fire is social justice and advocacy for health promotion.

Dawn was recently elected president of the Canadian Nursing Student Association, representing 28,000 nursing students across Canada.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Future of Nursing. Join Our Team at Memorial Healthcare System

Memorial Healthcare System is the third largest public healthcare system in the nation.

With over 13,500 employees, the impact MHS and its employees have on the surrounding communities it serves is considerable and impressive.

Our world-class hospitals and community health centers offer comprehensive, integrated healthcare ranging from preventive initiatives to disease-specific programs that utilize cutting-edge medical technology.

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Don Berwick Talks Politics and Health Care

IHI’s Don Berwick explains why he believes that being a political bystander is not a neutral position when it comes to health care.

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SocialGo – Social Network Maker Critique

SocialGo – Social Network Maker Critique

Photo by: Vadim L / Unsplash


SocialGo is the solution for lots of right now who wish to build their individual professional-grade social community built for their specific curiosity, organization, or group. A social community is of system, a group of men and women united by their widespread cause, organization, or curiosity. Hence it is a pc platform making it possible for users to customise their community according to the volume of privateness desired, assorted features and permissions. Permissions define who may perhaps watch own information, or information regarded as top secret or semi-top secret to a enterprise for illustration.

Who makes use of it? Various groups, entrepreneurs, and firms employ it. Their objective is typically to remaining a local community all-around their brand for instance, or to establish purchaser significant relationships, or even to build a conversation channel for the members of the community.

What is special about it? Basically the truth that thousands of members have identified that they can build immediate earnings streams from the community they build.

What can be in it? You can employ this community for any text you wish to publish, as well as any shots or video clips you wish to involve.

What is the difference from just a web-site? With this social community, men and women can of system examine what you wish to write, but in addition they can respond to it. This will allow men and women to turn out to be a component of the community, in that they can basically share and lead to it.

How can one particular monetize this community? There are a variety of techniques to make funds with it. For illustration if you offer a assistance, you may perhaps…


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