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Lose Weight And Keep It Off–A Remarkable New Way To Do It

The percentage of Americans who are overweight and obese is increasing very rapidly. “Overweight” is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) from 25.0 to 29.9 whereas a BMI of 30 or above is defined as “obese.” According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 56% of the population was overweight during the reporting period from 1988 through 1994, and 23% was obese. During the period from 1999 through 2002, these percentages had increased to 65% and 30%, respectively.

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So obesity has clearly reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., and the healthcare costs associated with it now rival those attributable to smoking. These costs were estimated to be $92.6 billion in 2002–9.1% of all health care costs–and they continue to escalate rapidly. Comparable costs associated with smoking were estimated to be between 6.5% and 14.4% in 2002. The Centers for Disease Control have announced that obesity could become the nation’s leading cause of preventable deaths by 2005. According to a recent estimate, obesity accounts for approximately 280,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

This epidemic is not confined to adults but tragically is afflicting children as well. Childhood obesity increased from 5 percent in 1964 to 13 percent in 1994. Today, it is estimated to be about 20 percent–and rising.

Diseases for which obesity is a significant risk factor include: Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, cancer, gallstones, gout, osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, pulmonary problems, reproductive problems in women, and depression.

In this era of skyrocketing healthcare costs, it’s urgently clear, then, that more effective methods are needed for preventing and reversing this very major contributor to our escalating healthcare crisis.

The above data are especially astounding in the face of the fact that Americans are spending in excess of $50 billion annually on diet products. In view of the ongoing epidemic summarized above, this investment has obviously been highly unsuccessful. As has been pointed out in one study, for example, the price per pound lost in one well-known weight loss program amounts to $180!

Not only is there overwhelming evidence that diets don’t work in the long run, but of even more concern is the strong evidence that they can actually contribute to further weight gain and decline in health. There is recent evidence, for example, that yo-yo dieting weakens the immune system by as much as 30%.

A search of the research literature on weight loss strongly supports the general conclusion that key lifestyle and dietary changes are absolutely necessary to long-term success. Here is a fairly comprehensive listing of these essential changes:

  1. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Boost protein intake to build and preserve lean muscle tissue.
  3. Use fiber-rich foods, which are more filling and promote health.
  4. Boost calcium and other minerals to help shed unwanted fat.
  5. Increase intake of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids by eating fish, flax, and nuts.
  6. Eat only minimal amounts of “junk” carbs, containing sugar and white flour.
  7. Greatly reduce–or eliminate–saturated and trans fats that are loaded with harmful fatty acids.
  8. Reduce or eliminate alcohol.
  9. Reduce the amount of food eaten gradually to avoid the adverse effects of sudden dieting.
  10. Eat frequent, small snacks, instead of large meals, to maximize calories burned for energy.
  11. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast to avoid difficulty in controlling appetite later in the day.
  12. Be sure to exercise for a half-hour, at least 3 times a week.
  13. Gradually boost exercise frequency and intensity for even greater effects.
  14. Practice stress reduction to reduce the over-production of cortisol, which promotes weight gain.
  15. Expose yourself to the sun for at least 15 minutes each day and get adequate sleep.
  16. Incorporate all of these changes into your lifestyle and maintain them persistently.

Some people, however, in spite of making these changes and maintaining them rigorously still experience limited success in losing excess weight and keeping it off.

Lucy Beale, a nationally-known author and weight loss consultant for nearly twenty years, addressed this issue in her recent newsletter:

“For years, I’ve watched some of my clients do seemingly everything ‘right’ to lose weight–eating 0-5, eating low-glycemic foods, exercise–and yet they don’t lose pounds or inches. This situation is frustrating for me and certainly for them. I’ve been ‘wishing and hoping’ to find a fat-loss product that I could whole-heartedly recommend.

“When I couldn’t find any viable products to recommend, I spoke with several alternative health practitioners about developing a natural weight-loss product that was: A) safe; B) effective; C) non-addictive; D) worked for most people; and E) provided long-term health benefits. But nothing ever came of our efforts. . .

“Then, in September 2004, a friend told me about the Nexagen Fat-Loss Patch. I’ve done my homework on the patch and my research indicates the patch is safe, effective, and health promoting. I was so excited that I asked some of my clients to try it out. They loved it. They were eating less, found it easier to eat 0-5, had fewer cravings, felt better emotionally, and even wanted to exercise. They lost inches and weight. Many were able to reduce the dosage of medications they were taking for such health conditions as asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. People who wear the patch for at least 3-6 months are experiencing satisfying results. . .”

The Fat Loss Patch that Lucy is referring to here is a unique new approach to assisting weight loss and maintenance. Unlike the vast majority of previous diet products containing ephedra, synephrine, or other harmful stimulants, this patent-pending transdermal patch employs Forslean, a patented derivative from an Asian herb, Coleus forskohlii, which has been used for centuries to treat cardiovascular disorders and other health problems. Recent research has now shown that it is also effective in burning fat, while preserving lean muscle, and in curbing food cravings. It also has the added health benefits of supporting thyroid functioning and and helping to reduce blood pressure.

Its mechanism of action in promoting fat burning in the body is also unlike that of all previous thermogenic, or fat-burning, products. The main active ingredient in Forslean activates a very important enzyme, Adenylate cyclase which is involved in the production of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP). This “second messenger,” as it is called in the research literature, is indispensable to many important body functions. One of these is to help maintain a healthy body composition by burning fat while preserving lean body mass.

Combined with the dietary and lifestyle changes summarized above, the Fat Loss Patch is finally making it possible for nearly anyone to attain–and maintain–a healthy body weight.

You can learn more about this revolutionary new product by clicking on the URL in the “about the author” area.

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Taking into consideration Getting Observed Palmetto for Superior Blood Pressure?

Even though certain herbs these as St. John’s Wort could not be best for dealing with hypertension, some herbs these as observed palmetto for substantial blood pressure could be an selection for all those interested in making use of a far more normal solution to deal with their situation.

What is observed palmetto and how can it lessen blood pressure? Observed palmetto (botanical title: Serenoa Repens) is a compact ever-green palm plant that is observed in America. The berries of the plant include the lively ingredients made use of for herbal medication. Even though it is proposed and largely made use of for its success in dealing with an enlarged prostrate in gentlemen brought about by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), observed palmetto for substantial blood pressure treatment method is just not fully unheard of.

Factors why this herb is made use of to deal with substantial blood pressure, in some conditions, is for the reason that it is a diuretic herb that contains lively anti-androgen attributes that assist lessen water retention and control substantial blood pressure. Diuretic herbs have a direct influence on the body’s cells and tissues. They improve blood circulation to the kidneys, which in convert improve urination, allowing extra salt and toxins to be flushed out of the kidneys, which helps to lessen over-all blood pressure.

Maintain in brain, nevertheless, like water drugs (prescribed diuretic remedies), observed palmetto and other blood pressure cutting down diuretic herbs, these as ginger, are frequently made use of to deal with mild conditions of substantial blood pressure, and are made use of in blend with dietary changes, workout, and possibly with other…


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MDF® Single Head Light-weight Stethoscope – Royal Blue (MDF727-10)


Handcrafted Because 1971 | Lifetime Guarantee | Cost-free-Sections-for-Daily life System | Latex Cost-free

The MDF® Single Head Stethoscope gives the medical neighborhood an economical, quality diagnostic machine intended for blood pressure assessment and general assessment. The MDF® Single Head Stethoscope is the option for health care professionals looking for a experienced-grade instrument at an very affordable rate.

Chestpiece: The slim, ergonomic, lightweight anodized aluminum chestpiece fitted with an extremely-slender fiber diaphragm is intended to match very easily beneath a blood pressure cuff. It increases acoustic amplification for detection of Korotkoff appears for the duration of blood pressure measurement.

Acoustic Tubing: Built of thicker, denser, latex-cost-free PVC, the Y-configuration non-stick acoustic tubing provides insulation for outstanding sound transmission and seals out ambient sound although preventing the cracking and wearing that can occur from recurring use. The lengthier-than-typical duration makes it possible for a comfortable house concerning wellness experienced and individual.

AccuFit® Headset: Adjustable headset built from chrome-plated brass makes it possible for the person to build an individualized match. Smooth silicone ComfortSeal® eartips (offered in common and compact dimensions) are distinct for hygienic purposes and conform to the ear to seal out extraneous sound although making certain convenience for the duration of extended use. Patented SafetyLock® eartip adaptors direct the business in person basic safety.

Incorporated Add-ons: Additional set ComfortSeal®…

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Blood Pressure: Caused By Salt Or Is It Just A Myth?

Every second person you speak to seems complaining or suffering from some sort of cardiovascular issues. Measuring blood pressure indicates the force against the wall of the arteries, as well the pumping of the heart.

Most people are of the opinion that salt is the biggest culprit for cardiovascular disease, or at least they’ve been told so? The theory that salt is bad for you and increases heart disease is an old hat and been proven wrong for decades. To reduce salt too much has had a number of draw backs and is affecting other things in your body.

There is strong evidence, that not salt is the main issue for high blood pressure but incorrect potassium to sodium balance is. Not having the right balance between the two of them increases the risk for hypertension and heart disease by far more than salt or high levels of sodium alone.

Which Salt?

Most people are not aware of the fact that potassium is an essential mineral which plays an important role in regards to your blood pressure. What matters is the balance between salt and potassium. The first step: Replace the refined table salt with natural salt for a better balance of potassium. As salt is getting the blame for high blood pressure, sugar and trans fats are far worse and having the most impact for cholesterol and heart disease.

Lacking Potassium

In general, our diet being the biggest amount of processed foods consumed by many, which is lacking of potassium. To lower salt levels in processed foods, monosodium glutamate (MSG) being added to processed food, two things happened: This enhanced the flavor in foods and reduced the salt, but created a number of other health problems. What this meant, processed food with all its preservatives, flavor enhancer (MSG) etc. which in general gives the average person twice as much sodium as potassium. As well the other thing is mineral and magnesium deficiency, of which is very little found in processed food; this is also damaging your heart and arteries. Magnesium is critical for healthy blood pressure and is too often lacking in our daily diet. Magnesium also helps lower blood volume, supports blood vessels and keeps the arteries smooth and elastic.

What We Eat

As we know too many processed foods are the trigger point for most illnesses. These foods are high in refined sugar, refined sodium, trans – fats which is the main cause for high blood pressure. Changing to a more natural diet will improve overall condition including lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol. We should eat more of the leafy greens, vegetables, mushrooms, berries, avocados, natural Creek yogurt, wild caught salmon, fish oil etc. Another one is grape seed extract which is an excellent blood pressure support. As grapes are high in fructose which can worsen insulin and leptin resistance. Using grape seed extract will not affect the insulin level, it will help blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Such foods that have a high amount of potassium, magnesium and minerals to lower blood pressure, as well to improve your overall health, are a safe, natural comprehensive protection without any side effects. Medical research has discovered literally thousands of healing nutrients in foods.

Food is the cause of most of our health problems, and food is also the solution. The most important step to a healthy life is the change to a healthy diet! Also, a safe measure and protection to add a good multi supplement that has a variety of minerals and all the nutrients.

Medication Needs

Reducing medication to avoid some of the risky side effects even from warfarin, people have looked to aspirin for daily heart support. Taking aspirin every day for blood thinning and to reduce stroke risk is not a cure or a satisfactory alternative.

Although, aspirin is not as harmful as many other medications, aspirin is a natural pain reliever and one of the safest ones to use, as well it lowers fever and inflammation. Some of the later research has found that aspirin is not the answer for blood pressure and thinning of blood as previous thought.

Some medication may be excepted for short-term use. The longer to stay on medication the higher becomes the risk factor and the increase of side effects.


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The Blood Pressure Solution: Review of Ken Burge's Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies Released

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

The Blood Pressure Solution a new program for those seeking natural remedies to lower blood pressure has just been released to the public creating a buzz of excitement throughout the natural health and fitness community, and prompting an investigative review from's Will DeMarco.

“High blood pressure is an extremely common condition these days, so as you can imagine many of our readers have asked about the best natural hypertension cures,” says DeMarco. “So, when we heard about Ken Burge's Blood Pressure Solution, we were very eager to learn more. Ken is well known in the natural health world for his popular PaleoBurn Fat Burner System, and we wanted to see what his new program was all about.”

Will DeMarco's review of The Blood Pressure Solution explains that high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is a leading cause of fatal strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and several other serious conditions. DeMarco explains that he was eager to review The Blood Pressure Solution because of his own less than ideal blood pressure.

“They call high blood pressure 'the silent killer' because often times those suffering from hypertension can be blissfully unaware until it's too late,” says DeMarco. “If you aren't getting your blood pressure checked regularly, it can sneak up on you, and before you know it your doctor may want to put you on a whole bunch of different medications. One of the things that really impressed us about The Blood Pressure Solution is that Ken emphasized the importance of keeping track of your blood pressure and even included a report on how to accurately monitor your blood pressure at home. However, my favorite part of the program was the guide with all of the tasty recipes. I was glad to see that all of the foods were natural, affordable and the kind of things that will please every member of the family. Those of us with kids know we can't be serving up anything too unusual. All in all I've never seen anyone deliver such a comprehensive program on naturally fixing high blood pressure, so this is definitely something we will be recommending to our website visitors as a highly recommended resource.”

Those wishing to purchase The Blood Pressure Solution, or for more information, click here. provides visitors with the latest news and articles on natural holistic treatments, fitness and beauty, including reviews of holistic treatment and natural beauty products.'s reviews of holistic treatments are provided as information only, and are not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you suspect you may have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

Will DeMarco's The Blood Pressure Solution review is available here:

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Why Do I Feel Light Headed – The #1 Reason Why!

Do you often experience dizziness and wonder why do I feel light headed? If so the real reason could surprise you! Find out now the 3 most common reasons for constantly feeling light headed and what you can do about correcting this aggravating and life altering condition.

3 Reasons Why you’re light headed!

Low Blood Pressure – Quite often the feeling of light headedness and seeing stars or feeling dizzy is a direct result of a lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain. Now low blood pressure is often not the actual cause in of itself but just another symptom. You will have to dig deeper to root out the real reason your body is experiencing low blood pressure.

Undiagnosed Allergy – This is a very common situation where a person eats a specific type of food regularly such as wheat or dairy and is in a constant state of reacting at all times. The only real true solution for this scenario is to eliminate the aggravating food itself from the body. A good start is to go on an elimination diet and remove all the common allergens such as dairy, wheat, corn, eggs, soy etc.

Adrenal Fatigue – This is in fact the core problem for an individual who suffers from light headedness. You see when your adrenals are burnt out through a variety of causes such as stress, ongoing allergies and poor sleep/diet habits your adrenals will begin to go into a state of weakness where it can be very difficult for them to recover from.

The most common symptoms an individual will experience who has adrenal fatigue is exhaustion even when they wake up, low blood pressure, weakness, shortness of breath, increased incidence of allergies and brain fog where concentration is severely impaired.

I would suggest doing some research and getting an accurate diagnosis for what’s really causing your symptoms. The ideal method is to use something called EDS testing or electro dermal screening, it’s a very popular way of testing for various conditions, specifically allergies, however you will need to check with a naturopath or alternative practitioner as conventional doctors are not familiar with them. Alternatively naturopaths will often use a detailed questionnaire to determine the most likely cause of your current health symptoms.


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Hormonal Changes At 40

A friend of mine emailed and She was frustrated because she had always been in good health for most of her life, with the exception of a childhood illness and accident. She was in great shape.

She noticed some elements of her life were functioning differently- and in a negative way. This was disturbing to the woman who had always considered herself to be slim, strong, attractive and youthful.

She had chopped her diet down but still she felt she was putting more weight. Doctor told her that her excretion and the digestion process have slowed as she reached her 40s

Her female doctor told that once a person approaches 40 hormonal secretions operate the system strangely. She started to have irregular routine of metabolism with no cure.

Soon, she noticed increasing digestive sensitivity to foods she’d always loved. She told me, “Christian- I have always had a cast-iron stomach. What happened?”

She had an injured knee right from the age of 17 which popped up as arthritis. Her blood pressure was 110/70 and it began to rise to 140/80.

Her complaints were not just like others. Every individual who turns 40 will have the anger that they face lots of side effects and due to that they will have to take more medicines that take the side effects of the original medicines taken.

She is a patient who has a healthy bondage with the doctor and she has frankly been telling her problems to her so far. I had advised her to be the part of the healthcare team. Being a part of the health care team she will be able to listen to the doctor and let the doctor know what the problems are. She just need not listen to the doctor for one side advise.

She nowadays asks for natural treatments when she meets the doctor. Certain times it cannot work because major injuries and problems will need an operation.

With the neat guideline from her doctor she effectively controlled the blood pressure and reflux, arthritis and her problematic hormones. As she has been affected by acid reflux and high blood pressure she has demanded medications which are natural and effective.

She hates pills, potions, and tonics, and knows that being more careful about her food choices and focused breaks would take a little more time out of her day, but she is committed. Turns out that changing some of her food habits helped her reflux, blood pressure, and her hormone issues.

She basically strongly holds the idea that planning a healthy diet and working out a neat routine of exercise will help her stay healthy. She need not keep running to any insurance firms or medicines if she does this. Maybe I should hire her.As there are alterations in the rules of Healthcare in the US, she is not much satisfied with the changes

To find out more about natural methods to reduce high blood pressure , manage acid reflux , or maintain healthy weigh t as you approach mid-life, check out the natural programs listed on the right hand side of my blog site.

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Risks of Not Keeping Your Kids At a Healthy Weight

Child Obesity is becoming a national concern for the last few decades and is getting worse every year. Many doctors are very troubled by this trend and are working on ways to fix this issue.

Child obesity affects children and youth in so many ways. Obesity in childhood is connected to many different health related problems. Some of the health problems are asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and even social discrimination.

One of the main issues is that if a child has obesity issues, these can carry on into adulthood.

Obesity in children has one side affect besides health affects. The Psychological affects of being over weight makes kids easy targets of social discrimination. This stress of social discrimination can cause low self esteem, which is very hard in young kids, and will carry on into adulthood.

Cardiovascular Disease risks in very high is children. In a recent study it was found that almost 60% of obese children age 5 to 17 year olds had at least one risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol or abnormal glucose tolerance. At least 25% of the children had at least two or more of these rick factors.

There are other health risks associated with obesity in children. Sleep apnea is not that common in kids, but can still be an issue with about 7% of kids. Hepatic Steatosis in another health issue associated with obesity. It is an fatty degeneration of the liver.

Type 2 diabetes in being diagnosed by doctors in children who are overweight. Asthma is also being diagnosed by doctors as more studies are showing that there is a connection between children being overweight and asthma.

So we all need to work with our Kids eating healthy food and keep they active. Start eating healthy at home and help them stay active. Tip: I know kids can end up loving playing video games on their computer, but keep track of their computer usage and make them get outside to play and run around.


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THIS is How Employers Can Wisely Reduce Health Care Costs

Did You Know?According to a survey conducted by Aon Hewitt, 30% employers will see an increase of 4% to 7% in health care costs between 2011 and 2015, mainly because of inflation and the struggling economy.It sure has become extremely difficult for most employers to afford health care for employees in this struggling economy. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the prices of the employer health insurance premiums rose by 50% between 2000 to 2005. Hence, to curb the increasing expenses, many employers either opted for cheap health care plans, or completely stopped employee health benefits, without realizing the pros and cons of either decision.

No employer wants to be this harsh, but the high volatility of the market has made things difficult. The cost of health care and its coverage have skyrocketed, and the only way employers can handle these expenses is by providing health care benefits with higher premiums. This also means putting a major share of the burden on the employees by increasing co-pays. However, there are certain things that employers can do that will reduce health care costs without increasing any financial burden on the employees. Given below are a few suggestions that every employer can use. Apply them, and ensure that the inflow of cash is greater than the outflow.Reducing Employee Health Care CostsStarting a Great Wellness ProgramStarting a new wellness program, or revamping the existing one is a great way to reduce health care costs. Healthier employees don’t take sick leaves, which improves overall productivity and also reduces health care claims. Wellness programs also save money by targeting serious health issues like blood pressure, obesity, and smoking. Their regular health checkups also helps prevent disease relapses to a certain extent.Engaging Employees in the Wellness ProgramA great way to make employees more health conscious is to reward them for healthy behavior. Employers can offer to pay 50% or even 75% of health care premiums for employees who can maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) or keep their blood pressure in control for a considerable period. Gifts such as dinner coupons, free gym memberships, and electronic gadgets can be given or gifted to employees who are physically active, and keep their health in check for a longer period.Using Different Health Care PlansMost companies use a single health care plan to cover all employees. The health chart of every employee is different, and hence, he/she might require individual health plans. Therefore, it is essential for the employer and the health care carrier to provide a wide range of health plans at various cost levels to their employees.Avoiding Spousal CoverageAn employee surely benefits when the organization also pays a premium for the spouse and kids to be covered. However, in various instances, it has been noticed that the spouse, if working, has also been covered by a health care plan provided by his/her employer. In such scenarios, it is advised that the employer should refrain from covering the spouse, if he/she already has health care coverage. This practice can surely save the organization a decent amount of money, and avoid potential health claims.Hiring a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) usually works for various small and mid-sized employers by providing them the opportunity to offer Health Insurance, Payroll, Human Resource, and various other services that large corporations offer to their employees. As a PEO works for multiple clients, it is able to offer services at a lower cost, resulting in savings for everyone.Hiring Only NonsmokersBefore taking this extreme step, ensure that discrimination against smokers is not illegal in your state. This measure might sound a little controversial, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) smokers cost the government an approximate USD 193 billion annually, as a result of low productivity and various health care expenses. Some employers have also implemented additional fines on smokers to balance their premiums.Spreading Awareness about Medical EmergenciesHealth care costs are exploding. The average rent for an emergency room visit is over USD 2,000, and with the various Health Care Acts in the process, the costs are only going to go higher. In such an environment, employers can easily reduce their health care expenses by spreading awareness. Clinics, pharmacies, and various medical institutions offer infinite number of emergency care facilities and hotlines, that prove to be a better option than running to the ER for a minor headache.

These are some effective ways through which employers can curb unnecessary medical expenses. Inflation is never going to stop, but certain steps can be taken up to reduce unwanted expenses.

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Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

Hibiscus tea is a caffeine free herbal tea made from the flowers of the Hibiscus sabdariffa or “Roselle” plant. The tea is made from the sepals or calyces (the petal-like structure at the base of a flower), and not out of the actual petals. Hibiscus tea is a popular beverage in many countries from Asia through Africa to the Caribbean, and different countries have their own unique ways of preparing the drink.

In some areas, including parts of China, hibiscus is blended with black tea. Although not as well-known in the U.S., hibiscus is a very common ingredient in herbal teas. Hibiscus imparts a tangy flavor and a deep purplish-red color to blends of which it is a part.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus and Hibiscus Tea:

The traditional uses of hibiscus include the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension), the lowering of fever, and treatment of liver disorders. Unlike many herbs, hibiscus has been studied fairly extensively and there are even some fairly conclusive human studies establishing not only its effectiveness for various treatments, but comparing it to widely-used medications and exploring side-effects. Although most of the studies use standardized extracts of hibiscus, hibiscus tea has been studied to some degree and shows promise that the tea itself can be useful as a treatment in some cases.

  • Lowering blood pressure – On top of a number of animal studies supporting its use for hypertension, human studies have validated that hibiscus, including hibiscus tea can effectively lower blood pressure. Hibiscus sabdariffa extract has been compared to the drug captopril, and was found to be equally effective. A more recent study compared it to lisinopril and found that it was less effective than that drug, but showed an absence of intense side effects.
  • Lowering fever – Hibiscus has been shown in laboratory animals to have fever lowering (antipyretic) properties. There is evidence suggesting that its mechanism of action is different from that of aspirin, which also lowers fever.
  • Protecting the Liver – The effects of different chemicals on the liver are much more complex and poorly understood, but there is nonetheless some evidence that hibiscus can protect against liver damage caused by a number of different chemicals

Safety and Side Effects:

Hibiscus tea is widely used as a beverage and generally recognized as safe for regular use. In addition, the few human clinical studies that have explored side effects have found a noticeable absence of strong side effects. However, as with any medicine, caution should be warranted with its use. The acidity of teas containing hibiscus can make them unpleasant for some people to drink, and people suffering from heartburn or otherwise wanting to avoid sour or acidic food and drink may wish to avoid it. Also, since it is known to lower blood pressure and thought to act as an ACE inhibitor it should be used with caution by those who already have low blood pressure.

Buying Hibiscus Tea:

Hibiscus tea is widely available through a number of online retailers. It is sometimes sold under the name Roselle tea. In addition to pure hibiscus teas, it is frequently blended with other teas, and there are a large number of herbal blends in which it is either the main ingredient or one of the primary ones.


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