Social Security Disability Eligibility

Social Security Disability Eligibility

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Social security disability eligibility is determined by the type of disability for which you are applying. This is determined by applications for a child under 18 or an adult over 18.

If you are filing for a child under 18, the following criteria must be met to determine their eligibility for disability payments:

  • The child must have a condition either physical or mental that limits their activity severly. This condition or conditions must either be expected to last one year or has already lasted one year, or possibly cause death.
  • Family income and resources are considered.
  • Personal information regarding the family.

Initially the state agency will make the decision as to their eligibility. Information from school, physician or others must be provided. In the event that the state agency is in need of additional information to further the process for certification, they will ask for you to have a test or examination for the child.

Information for disability eligibility can be obtained from the starter kit that you will receive from social security or at the office during the interview. Internet access will allow you to fill out the application at the SS website. A letter from social security will notify you of eligibility and this can take in excess of 3 months.

If the child is under 16 years of age and is denied, referral will be made to state agencies which may be able to help.

Filing for adult disability eligibility is similar. Initially you…


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