Racism allegations in the Healthcare Sector Part 1

A group of Black and Indian private medical practitioners allege that they are being unfairly treated by medical aid schemes based on the colour of their skin and ethnicity.
According to the group, they are exploited and harassed by medical aid schemes.
They say one of their biggest struggles is payment from medical aid schemes.
The group also says that there is a national list with names of Black and Indian practitioners from the across the country that is circulated among medical aid schemes and the names on this list are often targeted.
Joining us is Nomaefese Gatsheni, a clinical social worker and Dr. Donald Gumede, Chairperson of the National Health Care Professionals Association (NHCPA).
They are part of the group of grieved health care practitioners.
Morning Live has invited the Council for Medical Schemes but they declined as they say they do not have enough time.

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