Private Healthcare Nursing Service in India

Private Healthcare Nursing Service in India

Private Nurse are an especially prepared registered nurse employed in a community agency to safeguard the health of persons in the community, giving care to the sick in their homes, promoting health and well-being by teaching families how to keep well, and assisting in programs for the prevention of disease.Private duty nurses and nurse's aides are in high demand. While the business can be profitable, it's also very personal. These medical professionals are specially trained to work in various environments, and the agencies connect the nurses with the patients. Most private nurses in Indiaare independent contractors working through the agencies.

They provide services essential to or helpful in the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and well-being. The main duty of private Nurse is to attend to patient's post-operation needs as prescribed by the physician. This service requires an advanced booking to be coordinated with healthcare facilitator's partner hospitals. Private duty nursing is typically prescribed on an hourly basis for tasks that require continuous nursing care, and is distinguished from skilled nursing care provided by home care agencies that is prescribed on an intermittent (per visit) basis. Private duty nursing is distinguished from caregivers who are not nurses (often called “sitters”) who provide non skilled care (bathing and other hygiene assistance, assistance with eating, etc.) and companionship to patients. Such sitters often do minor housekeeping chores for patients, but they are neither educated nor qualified to provide skilled nursing care.


While most insurance companies cover at least a portion of the cost for private nursing, be aware of the benefits, including co-pays and deductibles. Also, since they work in private settings much of the time, private nurses may wish to assess the risk factors involved with working in this field. Personal safety should be considered. Plus, working so closely with individual patients on a consistent basis may cause a nurse to become emotionally attached, making the job much harder.

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