one Unit Sunyata Quality Green Propolis And Bee Pollen Extract Alcohol Free 30 ml By JLBrazil

$34.ninety five

Bee propolis is 1 of the most powerful antioxidant and immunity enhancers. It holds pure antibacterial, antibiotic and antiviral qualities. WILD BEE POLLEN –. Is abundant in Nutritional vitamins an Proteins. In its extract sort is considerably less difficult assimilated by the overall body than in its original grain sort. Green PROPOLIS –. Is abundant in FLAVONOIDS and PHENOLIC SUBSTANCES. With each other they come to be an excellent nutritional health supplement which strengths overall body and thus enrich immune program. The Sunyata BEE POLLEN &. PROPOLIS EXTRACT- Alcohol Free is a solution composed of two aspects of excellent synergy: Green Propolis and Wild Bee Pollen, becoming an excellent Dietary Health supplement. Created with one hundred% Green Propolis Picked Wild Bee Pollen Ethyl Alcohol Free Maturity of aproxx one year Total Solids: 16-29% Supply of Flavonoids and Phenolic Material Supply of Artepillin C Includes beta-carotene (β-Carotene) Bottle with dropper All of Pon Lee items acquire the Federal Inspection Services (SIF seal) from the Minister of Agriculture that inspects the scientific handle of the beehive items, which usually means it's in accordance with the Brazilian food items legislation act.Alcohol Free Green Propolis Extract &. Bee Pollen.
Potent Antioxidant And Immunity Enhancers.
Substantial concentration of C Artepillin.
Approximate maturity of one year.
Packaged in a fall bottle.