Not a Fan of Obamacare? Here Is the Option!

Not a Fan of Obamacare? Here Is the Option!

Photo by: Sam McGhee / Unsplash


Haven`t you had enough of dealing with Health Insurance Companies? …

Having health coverage is a big benefit for any one of us in a world where just one serious illness may cause you to lose your home. This is the major reason why most of us are ready to pay a quarter of our income for health insurance. It gives a feeling of security for you and your family in case bad luck knocks on your door. Another reason is the Affordable Care Act that has been signed into law in 2010.

There are so many health insurance companies on the market with many different options, and you can always find the one most suitable for you. But all of them have something in common: THEY WILL ALWAYS MAKE MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. Health insurance is business and that's what business is about. They can care less about you, your family and your health. They will raise your premiums if they had a bad year or they can just drop you when you need them the most. Insurance companies will drive our health care providers nuts by delaying payment for their services (till the point when the doctors can`t wait any more and are ready to take any amount just to stay in business).

But have you ever imagined a world without having to pay to insurance companies and still have health coverage? … And how much it would actually cost you just to pay for YOUR HEALTH COVERAGE not insurance company profits, advertisements, taxes and employees .. .?

It is possible with the concept created by regular people…


Source by Sophia Sasina