Lindens Necessary Oil of Sage 100 Caps, Warm Flushes, Menopause


Lindens Necessary Oil of Sage Capsules

Sage is a commonly employed menopause treatment, being very well identified for its consequences in cooling the system and lowering perspiring. Necessary Oil of Sage is a especially concentrated type of the herb, being especially abundant in thymol and rosmarinic acid.

A short while ago research have proven that oil of sage is a effective mental stimulant that can improve memory and clarity of considered and elevate mood.

Choose two capsules day-to-day as a food nutritional supplement.

Ingredients (for each pill)

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, gelatine, glycerine, critical oil of sage.

Keep in a great dry location out of get to of kids. Don't use if expecting, organizing to come to be expecting or breastfeeding.

Finest Quality All-natural Overall health Product
Made in the British isles to GMP expectations and labelled to meet

all present-day British isles laws.
Totally free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Supplied in “foil-

new”. Packaging for safety, to retain freshness (Air Limited, resealable pack) and to reduce tampering


Tablets are despatched to you immediately from our dispensary. The label contains guidance for usage,

with a listing of merchandise components.Sage is a commonly employed menopause treatment
Cools the system and lessens perspiring
Abundant in thymol and rosmarinic acid