How to Build a Healthcare Startup

I’m going to show you the entire process I used to conceive, design, and build the prototype for a healthcare startup business! This app is called “Macy”, your personal Yoga Instructor. It uses a machine learning model called PoseNet to detect human poses and overlay a skeleton stick figure on top. I retrained posenet on labeled Yoga poses images so it could detect when a person correctly performs a certain pose, then i used speech generation to have the Flutter app guide your actions from pose to pose, just as a real Yoga instructor would do. The goal is to help a user reduce stress, anxiety, and depression through a series of guide meditative poses. I’ve integrated a subscription service and some interesting design schemes, but the app isn’t finished! There is still more to do. The point is to give you the starting template to start your own profitable business. Enjoy!

Code for this video (and presentation):

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