Healthy Weight Loss Program for the Disabled

Healthy Weight Loss Program for the Disabled


Having a personal disability does not mean that you have to stop dieting and exercising to maintain healthy weight. It does not mean that you can not start a new one either if your old regimen proves to be inadequate or too much for your present situation. In fact, getting into some kind of diet and weight training program is even more beneficial to a disabled than to a normal person. This is because of the restrictions bought by your disability, the tendency to gain weight and experience poor health is more than a normal person. You do not have complete freedom of movement and if you have other medical conditions, your diet can be restricted as well.

In addition to the benefits that a healthy weight can do to your body, you will also increase your ability to do daily chores. You will gain back much of your physical freedom thereby reducing your reliance on other people. This in turn can do much to improve your self-esteem. With the increase in your strength, self-reliance and endurance, you can transform yourself into a more confident person. In addition, you will also avoid contractures that make muscles rigid and stiff by becoming more active. As you go on with your exercise program, you will find yourself becoming more flexible, coordinated and balanced.

The difference in disabilities ranges broadly and to make sure that you will undertake a regimen that is ideal for your particular condition, you should always consult your doctor before hand. As a…


Source by Helen Barrington