Health Care: Repeal, Replace, Or Fix/Improve?

Health Care: Repeal, Replace, Or Fix/Improve?

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As long ago, as, during President Clinton’s first – term in office, when he appointed his wife, Hillary Clinton, to create a better health care system (which subsequently, failed), there was a realization, the costs involved, for most Americans, was getting out – of – control. Some may remember, the political fights, that occurred, during that period. Little was addressed for about two decades, until President Obama, understood, and realized, there was an essential need, for a change, in this important component of American life! During the previous decades, medical and health costs, continued to rise, and many, were either unable to, or unwilling to spend, what was needed, to protect themselves! The result was, after more than nine months of political discussion, the Affordable Care Act (A.C.A.), often referred to as Obamacare, was passed, or as many Republicans believe, crammed through the Congress. Anyone paying attention, during the first half of this year, realizes, the Republicans, led by the rhetoric and efforts of President Trump, have tried to achieve their rhetorical promise, Repeal and Replace. However, this was part of an overall promise to create a better system, which would cost far less, and be much better. The realization of what’s been introduced, to date, does not necessarily make things any better, for the public. Let’s briefly review the 3 options: Repeal; Repeal and Replace; and/ or Fix and Improve.

1. Repeal: If the ACA were simply repealed, the…


Source by Richard Brody