Health Care Reform, Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Health Care Reform, Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Photo by: Emily Sea / Unsplash

There has been much chatter and concern about the new health care laws. You yourself may be wondering how the Affordable Care act will affect you and your Medicare Benefits.

It will please you to know that the new law will not cut your Basic benefits. In fact, it will actually make some benefits better. The free annual wellness checkup is a good example of this. Starting 2011, your annual checkup and certain preventative screenings, like cancer and diabetes will be provided at no cost.

The new law will work towards better care when you do get sick by investing in testing ways to improve coordination between providers for patients with chronic conditions who see multiple providers.

What if you are hospitalized? Money talks and Hospitals will receive incentives to make sure that you get the education to take good care of yourself and the services you need in your community. This will help facilitate a successful return home. It will also help you avoid returning to the hospital.

What about drug coverage? Good news there as well. For those of us on multiple, costly prescription drugs, the Part D donut hole looms large. The law started affecting Medicare Part D in 2010 with the $ 250 rebate for those who went into the coverage gap on their drug plan. In 2011 you will receive a 50% discount on name brand drugs during the coverage gap.

Over the next nine years the donut hole will be closed little by little each year. By 2020 there will be no more…

Source by Stephanie Coutavas