Guinea Pig Care Techniques

Guinea Pig Care Techniques

Photo by: Farzad Nazifi / Unsplash


They are adorable, furry, and funny. Guinea pigs nevertheless a smaller pet need to have adore and care as would any other household pet. Their typical everyday living span is amongst 4 and 7 a long time, but can dwell as extensive as eleven. With superior guinea pig care they will dwell a superior extensive time.

A healthier food plan is most important when caring for your new pet pig. You want to make certain they have a balanced food plan of top quality hay, this sort of as Timothy Hay, veggies like lettuce, carrots and specified weeds and grasses. Also in your guineas food plan you must be like a top quality food pellet. You can get solutions from you veterinarian on which pellet would be ideal for your guineas care. Food pellets are important mainly because they are entire of the vitamin nutritional supplements your furry friend will need to have to continue to be healthier.

It is Alright to spoil your piggy a minor also. There are healthier pig trees accessible at most pet retailers. Do not above do it nevertheless, an above body weight guinea pig is harmful. The ideal trees would be genuine veggies. You can monitor your pigs body weight with an ounce scale. Keeping observe of body weight achieve and body weight reduction is a fantastic way to make certain they are healthier. You will want to report any big body weight reduction or achieve to your veterinarian. You will need to have a significant cage for your guinea to dwell in. I say a significant dwelling space mainly because they need to have area to shift close to and training. Currently being part of the rodent family members guinea pigs also have a purely natural need to have to burrow. You will need to have top quality bedding for the flooring of the cage as perfectly. It is…


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