Can America Afford Free Health Care?

Can America Afford Free Health Care?

Photo by: Janko Ferlič / Unsplash

Many people in the United States want the government to provide health care universally to all citizens and they expect the World Organizations to do this for the third world nations as well. Unfortunately, this is a huge cost and probably currently out of the realm of reality.

Can America Afford Free Health Care? We just can not afford the costs of Universal Health Care at the present rate or current costs. So the costs have to come down first, we must deal with the other issues too such a Social Security.

The 2042 drop dead date of the on-paper bankruptcy of Social Security also looms and in essence it is bankrupt now and needs increased pay-ins to keep it going, as the first baby boomers have already started to retire.

Yanklevich and other thinking demographers along with the warnings of the last two Fed Chairmen and the current one, warn of this. Population Expansion as a factor of GDP ratios are highly predictable at least based on theory. There might be a solution to this and if there is we had better find it.

Looking at Japan, negative growth, an aging Europe and the influx of immigrants that demand services, do not speak the language, we may have a problem with a social revolution of haves and have nots; France Riots, a foreshadowing of things to come?

Well? The EU has problems too. The US comes next as our average population grows, retires and is not providing productivity or paying in but rather soaking up services for longer, due to their…

Source by Lance Winslow