B2 Fireplace Rated?

Its not worthy of the candle!

A B2 Fireplace Rating on a products doesn't imply that products can be made use of for fire halting or fire proofing.

When we do a fire chance evaluation we normally make comment on fire halting. On one modern job we commented that more fire halting was essential. The client employed a contractor who made use of Soudafoam. On the tin its suggests the products is ‘B2 Fireplace Rated in accordance with DIN 4102’.

Our client then questioned us to up date our fire chance evaluation as these performs experienced been completed..

Prior to signing this off we did some further research to build what a ‘B2 Fireplace Rating in accordance with DIN 4102’. Intended. Din 4102 is the European Classification of developing components in accordance with their flammability. The Classes array from A1 100% non flamable to B3 Quickly flamable. This is what we located:

Rating Diploma of flammability Illustrations

A1 100% noncombustible (nichtbrennbar)
A2 ~98% noncombustible (nichtbrennbar)
B1 Tough to ignite (schwer entflammbar) intumescents and some significant close silicones
B2 Normal combustibility wood
B3 Quickly ignited (leichtentflammbar)

As you can see from this a B2 rating isn't satisfactory as a fire halting material and either a B1, A2 or A1 classification is essential. The contractors’. Supplier experienced assumed that classification B2 indicated a 2 hour fire rating and experienced sold the material to numerous other contractors who experienced been looking for a fire halting material.

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