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The Effect of the New Health Care Reform Bill on Your Insurance Premiums

The Effect of the New Health Care Reform Bill on Your Insurance Premiums

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The new health care reform bill set up by President Obama is being signed today in the White House after months of being passed between the House and Senate. Now that the bill is passed more people are curious: How will this bill affect my insurance premiums? My family coverage? My family budget and American families in general?

The health care reform bill has two sets of coverage; items that will take effect immediately (within the next three months to a year) and reforms that will not take effect until 2014. The health care bill says that by the end of 2014, 32 million more Americans will have medical insurance. However, the bill is projected to cost $ 938 billion. Where will this money be coming from? Find out below:

The health care bills affect on the average American

* The effect, if any, is unclear as to how the bill will affect rising out-of-pocket medical costs and premiums

* Uninsured families making a combined family income between 133-400% of the federal poverty level (between $ 29,327- $ 88,200 to date) will be eligible for premium subsidies through new state-run insurance changes

* Starting in 2014, those who do not have the required insurance coverage will pay $ 95 or 1% of their annual income, whichher is higher. The penalty will rise with the passing of years, reaching a maximum of $ 695, or 2%, of the annual income

* Families who fall below the income-tax filing threshold will not owe anything extra on their insurance premiums, nor…

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Health Insurance Quotes and Plan Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Health Insurance Quotes and Plan Review

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For Texas residents looking for health care, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is one of the top health insurance companies to consider in the state. Learning about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas medical insurance plans is even more important when one realizes that within the Unites States there is a cost of health care keeps rising and with it the uninsured rate keeps growing steadily. It is estimated that about 47 million Americans are living without Health Insurance coverage, when in 2006 there were about 46.4 million without Health Insurance. Middle class citizens are having trouble paying their bills and some people just can not afford health insurance coverage at the moment. As the nation tries to do something about it, private insurance companies have tried to lower the rates to attract more customers and make it easier for people to sign up for the so long wished health insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the major insurance companies in America, serving in all 50 states in the nation. They are family of 39 independent, community-based and locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. The company founded in 1929 in the state of Texas has become a world leader in the insurance world and nowadays it holds members in about 170 countries around the world. Here in America they have an estimated 99 million members enrolled in their health plans and the number only keeps growing. The statistics only keep getting better since Blue Cross Blue…

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Consumer Driven Health Plans For Individuals – Pros and Cons

Consumer Driven Health Plans For Individuals – Pros and Cons

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There are many advantages to consumer driven health plans for individuals.  However, there are also a couple of things you should consider before making the change.  Here’s how to decide if this type of plan is the right solution for you.

Consumer driven plans consist of two parts:

1.  A Qualified High Deductible Health Plan:

These plans don’t cover everyday expenses.  They are major medical plans that cover the big stuff.  Some plans cover preventive care and accidents before the deductible.  There are some plans that cover 100% of your medical expenses after you reach the deductible.

2.  A Health Savings Account:

Having a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan qualifies you to open a financial account called an HSA, or health Savings Account.  This allows you to deposit money pre-tax in a checking account and pay for medical expenses tax free.

The Pros

Consumer driven plans offer a great solution for individuals who don’t utilize their health benefits much.  They are much less expensive than traditional plans, allowing people who don’t over use their plan to save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.  They allow you to control your everyday healthcare costs by creating motivation to negotiate prices, make educated decisions on medical tests, and prescriptions.  These plans truly put the control of medical costs back in your court.

With traditional plans, the insurance company keeps your premium whether you use the benefits or not.  With these health plans, you only spend…

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Filing For Social Security Disability

Filing For Social Security Disability

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Filing for Social Security Disability can seem intimidating without knowing the steps and procedures. Questions such as if you qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) arise for many individuals seeking benefits. Many worry about how long it will take to receive benefits or what will happen if a claim is denied. While there are no short-cuts when it comes to filing for Social Security Disability, knowing how the process works and what to is to be expected is half the battle.


The Social Security Administration (SSA) states that a disability is a mental or physical impairment, or a combination of impairments that prevents an individual from gaining employment and generating household income. To be approved, the disability needs to have lasted or is expected to last for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. The SSA will also take a person’s age, work history and education into consideration. Finally, one must have a doctor’s recommendation, complete with evidence of said disability.


This disability program is for individuals who have worked and gained adequate social security credits. Ideally, the individual will have worked at least 5 out of the last 10 years. Under certain circumstances, dependents are eligible for DIB benefits.


For those who are filing for disability that are elderly, disable and/or blind, SSI while be the disability program to which they will apply to. Not only will these…

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Medicare Tax Info – Get the Facts Or Uncle Sam Will Make You Pay

Medicare Tax Info – Get the Facts Or Uncle Sam Will Make You Pay

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Sticky Situation: Handling tax issues can be tricky. What you need to do varies greatly depending on your specific situation. If you do not have the IRS withdraw money from your income for SSI and Medicare, you could end up actually owed money to the IRS! So be careful about the choices you make. If you're self-employed, learn how to have the IRS get that share of the income.

The Self Employed and Medicare / SSI Tax Issues:

Employer at Fault? What can you do if your employer will not withhold income taxes, social security, and Medicare from your pay? You're being treated as an independent contractor. If you know that's not the case, and you can provide evidence that you are an employee, act fast! You do not want to be held liable for this. File Form SS-8 "Determination of Employee Work Status for Proposals of Federal Employment Taxes and Income Tax Withholding".

Self-Employed? If you're self-employed, it's your responsibility to make your payments on time. Use the following forms:

– Form 1040C "Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship)"

-Form 1040SE " Self-Employment Tax" This form is used to determine your SSI and Medicare Tax

Need more help than that? Use IRS Publication 505 "Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax."

Aliens and Medicare SSI Tax Issues:

Aliens : If you are an alien with a temporary Visa, you are not subject to Medicare and SSI taxes. First, let your employer know and try to get a refund. If this does not work, file Form…

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Lean Methodology in Health Care Quality Improvement

Lean production (Lean) is a type of quality improvement methodology that has been implemented in many industries. Its principles and practices also have been applicable to health care organizations with success. This has been accomplished with refinement for the nuances of health care. Lean is a process management philosophy which has its roots in manufacturing and technology. It was developed as part of the Toyota Production System for the process assembly of automobiles (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2009). The Toyota System is comprehensive and spans a large number of methods and practices. It was initially influenced by the work of W. Edwards Deming and Henry Ford and was also inspired by innovation in the American grocery store industry of the 1950s (Keller, 2006). This is reflected in the Just-in-Time philosophy of productivity improvement, which emphasizes producing quality products efficiently through the complete elimination of waste, inconsistencies, and unreasonable requirements (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2009). Although the Lean methodology was initially developed as part of an overall system focusing on the production of automobiles, its principles also have been adapted for health care. As certain case studies indicate, Lean thinking and tools have been successfully applied to specific health care settings. The scope and value of Lean production within this field will be explored in this paper.

Significance: Value

A significant component of Lean…

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The Growth of In Home Health Care

The Growth of In Home Health Care

Photo by: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

It's no secret that healthcare is expensive. But many new innovations are making the cost of healthcare more feasible for the average American. Home healthcare is one such development. Although this has been around for quite some time, in home healthcare has recently exploded in popularity. Consider how many of these providers there were in 1990 (5,730), and compare this number to the latest evaluation that took place in 2007 (9,024). As you can see, the number of in home healthcare providers has almost doubled in the given period.

As the economy has contracted over the last few years, the healthcare sector has actually increased steadily in size. This has occurred even in the face of thousands of jobs vanishing all over the United States. During 2010 alone, the hospitals across our nation added about 50,000 jobs bringing the total number of people in the industry up to well over 4.7 million workers. In home healthcare too has increased its workforce. What started out as a fledgling, low-demand industry has quickly blossomed into a large source of employment itself. In 2010, this industry grew by about 40,000 jobs to just over 1 million.

The main reason behind this growth is economics. Home healthcare is much cheaper than a hospital visit. This is true concerning both patients and healthcare providers. Services looking to reduce their overhead cost have found that they can save money by traveling to people's homes and providing care there. Likewise,…

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10 Signs That He Likes You

You met this great guy and you’ve been dating each other for some time. Not in an exclusive relationship, but you have been spending time together. Phone calls that lasted for more than an hour, flirty smiles are exchanged.

You feel good about him.

Now is the million dollar question that you want to find out.

Does he like you? Is he into you, or not?

How to know the answer? What are the tell-tale signs that he is into you?

Well, besides using your woman’s intuition which is not something I can describe here nor teach, I’ll do my best to “simplify” this complicated thing call “love”.

10 Signs That He Likes You

1. Watching the same movie twice

He’s seen the movie. Although he wasn’t very impressed with it, but because you haven’t catch it he suddenly changed his tune and said he really would like to watch it a second time.

And so by the way, if you haven’t seen it too, why not let’s go catch it together, he asked.

You know his intention is then not on the movie, but the company really.

So girls, do not expose his true intentions. It’s enough to know the underlying truth, be appreciative ok?

2. His car is playing songs that just sound too, familiar?

Because those are your favorites! You have merely casually mentioned to him once, and the next time he drives you, you’re in for a musical feast.

Is he always so attentive to everyone’s needs and preferences? Well, you observe how he interacts with others and you tell me.

3. He asks that question!

Well, he will try to be as casual and nonchalant…

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Types of Scooters For Disabled People

Types of Scooters For Disabled People

Photo by: Cristian Baron / Unsplash

Scooters for the disabled have played an important part in immensely helping the disabled in improving their quality of lives. People who are disabled are faced with a mountain of challenges in front of them. They have to climb up through all the challenges in this world, which is ideally suited for healthy and capable-bodied people. The advancement in science and technology has now facilitated the increased mobility of the disabled as well as increased their independence. For almost every kind of physical disability these days there has been special devices produced by the medical equipment manufacturing companies to aid disabled people's mobility. Scooters for the disabled are one such kind of equipment which facilitates the movement of the disabled. Scooters for the disabled has been instrumental in helping the disabled move around their homes, in some cases they even travel around thirty miles on the road.

There are different kinds of scooters for the disabled which are designed to cater the needs of all kinds of disabled people. Following are the different kinds of scooters for the disabled:

Portable Scooters:

Portable scooters for the disabled are very light weight scooters which are ideally suited to the kind of disabled people who would need a scooter for transport regularly. These portable scooters can easily be folded, transported in your car and can be used once you reach your destination. These are particularly useful for disabled people who…

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How Are You Affected by Health Care Reform? – Part 1

How Are You Affected by Health Care Reform? – Part 1

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Health Care reform … "What does it do for me?" "Is it going to be free?" "Will there be waiting lines at doctor offices?" "What about rationing?" These are all legitimate questions and will be addressed over the next few weeks.

Efforts to change the delivery system of health care in the US goes back over 100 years. However, the most well known attempt at reform was as recent as 1994 during the Clinton administration. The overriding goal of reform debate has been to get all Americans insured and treat the system of treating patients who had no insurance.

Providers then would shift the cost (Ie cost shifting) to those who could afford to pay out of pocket or who had insurance. Consequently, the well to do and insured Americans saw their costs of health care rise disproportionately over time along with the premiums for health insurance.

Since the failure of the 1994 attempt at reform, the health care system introduced "Managed Care" plans. These plans offered discounts in premiums to steer insureds into certain blocks of providers. These plans had a number of different looks, but the most common in the West Texas area was PPO plans.

Managed Care plans helped alleviate the cost shifting stress for a while, but failed to bring more uninsured folks into the system. Occasionally, as the number of uninsureds rose, premiumss were forced higher and higher until today where it is not unusual for a family premium to be more than a house payment.

Most estimates…

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